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What to Expect in A Call Center Job Interview

What to Expect in A Call Center Job InterviewWhen going into an interview for a call center position, there are certain questions you should be prepared to answer.  Expect questions surrounding your ability to work under stress while also juggling multiple things at once, your computer skills, and specific metrics regarding previous call center positions held. 

Ability to work under stress

Working in a call center means you have to be on top of things and maintain a positive attitude, while still being productive and on task.  As stated on Yahoo Voices, call centers can be very hectic environments, throwing things at you like angry customers along with the pressure of meeting call metrics set by your company.

Expect to be asked questions surrounding your ability to handle stressful environments while juggling multiple things at the same time.  Be prepared to give specific examples of times when you were in stressful situations, dealing with several customers at once, while also striving to meet certain goals.

Discuss your computer skills

Most call center managers will be searching for someone who is computer savvy.  This makes it easier for them to train the new hire quickly on their database or systems in place.

Yahoo Voices recommends that you be prepared to share specific details on previous systems or databases you have used in past positions.  If you have not held a call center position, or other similar position in the past, reference any computer hobbies or knowledge you have outside of work.

Provide proof of metrics

If you have worked in a call center position, or other similar position in the past, chances are the hiring manager will want to discuss your previous metrics.

Global Post advises against exaggeration when it comes to your metrics and points out that the hiring manager may contact your previous employer to clarify this information.

If you have proof of awards or achievements from meeting or exceeding metrics in the past, it’s a great idea to put together a “brag book” with this documentation.  You can include official items such as specific awards or items as simple as short emails from your manager congratulating you for a job well done.  If you have access to rankings on how you compared to other call center reps regarding performance, be sure to provide documentation of this as well.

As with any interview, make sure you are staying upbeat and positive throughout the interview process.  The manager will be looking at your personality and factoring that into their consideration.  Make sure you display this positivity and excitement, while also being prepared to answer questions surrounding your experience working in stressful situations, your computer skills, as well as your past metrics.

What are some ways that you prepare for a call center interview?  Please leave your tips in the comments below.

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