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How to Compile a List of Companies to Target During Your Job Search

How to Compile a List of Companies to Target During Your Job SearchWhether you’re unemployed or are currently working but in search of a new opportunity, a job search can be overwhelming. In order to make your job search more manageable, it’s important to begin by creating a list of businesses that you’ll target. From there, you can prepare your materials and send them out in an organized way. If you’re trying to figure out how to devise this list most effectively, use these strategies for guidance:

Think about connections you have in the business

Start by talking with mentors or friends in your field. Where have they worked in the past? Do they speak highly of past employers or former clients? You can use this information as a starting point for your list. However, proceed with caution as you do. You don’t want to create a conflict of interest by applying at a direct competitor or by stepping on a mentor’s toes as you begin working with their client. This is especially easy to do if you work in a small industry, so plan your next move carefully.

See who’s made the “best of” lists

Most industries have “best of” lists that praise the best companies to work for in that field. Pick up a local trade magazine or do some research online and figure out which companies have been named to these lists lately.

Think about what’s convenient for you

As you drive around your city, take a closer look at the companies you pass as you go. You may be surprised to find that a business you’d love to work for is located right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled instead of writing a grocery list in your head and you never know what kinds of career opportunities you’ll discover.

Focus on how that company operates

Before you begin blindly applying to dozens of companies within your industry, stop and do some research about the vision and values that these businesses possess. While you certainly want to have proper benefits and to be compensated fairly for your work, you also want to spend your time in an office where you feel comfortable. Focusing on the bigger picture instead of simply the figure on your paycheck helps to ensure that this is the case.

How did you compile a list of businesses to target during your job search? Let us know in the comments.

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