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How to Land the IT Job You’ve Been Hoping to Find

How to Land the IT Job You’ve Been Hoping to FindWhile those who are searching for jobs in the IT field should conduct their hunt much like any other job seeker, there are some aspects of an IT job hunt that are unique to this competitive (and growing) field. If you’re hoping to land a job in the IT industry, use these tips in order to set yourself apart from the competition:

Be ready to take tests or demonstrate your coding skills

While you’ll need to be able to ace interviews, in order to land a tech job, you’ll also have to demonstrate your coding skills and technical knowledge. Prepare to take tests and show your ability to problem solve.

Learn about the business and its projects

While any job seeker should learn about a company before heading in for an interview, it’s even more important that you study up on the company and its projects before you interview for an IT job. Learn about how they tackle these projects, what kind of work they hope to take on in the future, and what kind of employees they currently have on staff. This allows you to illustrate how you would contribute positively to the existing team.

Don’t be afraid to specialize

Some IT professionals are afraid that if they specialize in one aspect of the field, they’re limiting themselves. In reality, this is untrue. It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to seek out people who have specialties and areas of expertise. If there’s something that you really love, go deep and get as much experience as you can in that area in order to stand out from the crowd.

Remember that it’s okay to say, “I don’t know”

Sometimes job seekers feel ashamed to admit that they’re unsure about an answer to a question, particularly if it’s something that comes up during an interview. To cover up their uncertainty, they make up elaborate answers as they fake their way through the question. If you’re caught off guard and don’t have an answer prepared, it’s okay to admit that you’re unsure. It’s better to come clean. This way, the hiring manager knows that you wouldn’t fake your way through a project instead of admitting that you needed clarification or assistance.

Have you landed an IT job? What strategies did you use to get your current position?

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