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How to Impress your Manager When Inclement Weather Strikes

How to Impress your Manager When Inclement Weather StrikesWhen you live in an area that typically sees inclement weather during the winter months, it can feel conflicting when deciding if you should go into the office or stay home.  There are some simple things that you can do in order to prove your value and show management that you care. 

Plan Ahead

If you know that there is a chance of inclement weather the day before, do yourself a favor and plan in advance.  If you are able to take any work home with you, do this.  If you are limited with what you are able to do from home, at least make sure that you are able to handle any high priority items from home.

This may mean that you will print documents or take files home with you.  Depending on your job, it may be necessary to have your manager approve that you take any documents or files home.  Your manager will appreciate your “above and beyond” attitude.

Make Wise Decisions

If you live close to your office and the roads are clear, your best judgment will be to go into the office.  However, if you live quite a distance from the office and the roads appear icy, do not risk your safety to drive into the office.  Your manager should understand this and should not want you traveling to work on dangerous roads.

One option is to wait and see if the ice begins to melt once the sun is out for a couple of hours.  In this instance, you could go into the office a little late and leave before dark in order to avoid icy roads.  Your manager will appreciate your efforts.

Provide Updates

If you are unable to go into the office and you have internet access at home, provide email updates to your manager regarding any work you are able to complete from home.  If you do not have access to internet or a computer at home, pick up the phone and call your manager.  Keeping your manager updated when it comes to the work you are able to complete from home will clearly show your dedication and seriousness about your work.

As a manager, I always appreciated it when my team members would send an update at the end of the day regarding the work they were able to complete, along with any questions or issues they ran into.

How have you prepared for inclement weather at your job?  Please share your experiences below.

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