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How to Present Yourself Accurately During a Video Interview

How to Present Yourself Accurately During a Video InterviewWhen you’re doing a video interview, particularly if you’ve never done one before, presenting yourself accurately can feel daunting. You may come across as stiff or awkward, especially since the person on the other end of the screen can’t pick up on small gestures that would help them to get a better sense of who you are. However, with a little practice, it’s easy to ace a video interview and feel comfortable as you do it. Here are some tips for nailing your first video interview:

Look the part

Treat a video interview just like you would an in-person interview. It doesn’t matter if the interviewer can only see from your waist up; wear professional attire. You never know when you’ll be asked to get up and retrieve a copy of something, revealing your sweatpants and Tweety Bird slippers. Fix your hair just as you would if you were going into an office. Men should trim facial hair and women should apply makeup like they would for an in-person interview. Just because you’re talking to someone from the comfort of your own home, doesn’t mean that you can get too casual with the way you present yourself physically.

Think about what the hiring manager will see when you turn your video camera on

Before you sit down to do the interview, take a few moments to survey your surroundings. What will the hiring manager see when you switch your camera on? Are there dirty dishes littered all over your apartment? What about beer bottles? They won’t be inspecting your apartment in detail, but you still want to present a clean and neutral background before you begin the conversation.

Speak slowly and clearly

This is important for any kind of interview, but becomes especially essential when you’re doing a video interview. Don’t let nerves cause you to rush through your sentences. Speak slowly and clearly, and don’t forget to smile. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s okay to pause and think about it. You don’t have to blurt something out.

Keep pets or children quiet

If you have pets or young kids in the home, make sure that they won’t interfere with the interview. Hire a babysitter or keep pets in the other room until the call is done. This is important in order to maintain a sense of professionalism.

Get comfortable with your technology ahead of time

If you’re not familiar with video interviewing or video chat technology, you’ll want to do a practice run before your interview. Ask a family member or friend to video call you so you can get comfortable with the technology, including the placement of the camera, where to look, etc. This will help to calm your nerves when it’s actually time to talk to the hiring manager during your interview.

What other tips do you have to help someone ace a video interview? Let us know in the comments! 

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