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How to Propose A Video Interview to A Potential Employer

How to Propose A Video Interview to A Potential EmployerGetting stuck in traffic on the way to the office is bad enough, but getting lost on your way to a big interview can be a real nightmare. If you have a promising job interview, however, you’ll have to trade in your sweatpants for a business suit.

Your GPS isn’t the only technology you can use to to ensure you make the interview on time. Online video interviewing can be just the tool you need to stay off congested roads or interview for far away positions without the commute. While over 60 percent of companies are using the technology already, what if your interviewer hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet?

Here are some ways to propose a video interview for your dream job without stepping on any toes:

Why You Should Suggest a Video Interview

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve left your house with plenty of time to get to the interview, but now a traffic jam has you locked in place. You watch helplessly as the minutes tick by in unmoving traffic, knowing that every second passing means you’re likely to show up for your dream interview late.

Certainly there aren’t many employers impressed by tardy job seekers, even if the circumstances are outside your control. The odds of this happening to you at least once are extremely high, which is why using video interviewing is a great way to avoid the gridlock and ensure you always make your meeting on time.

A video interview can even allow you the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with an employer far away from your current location. And if you have a packed calendar, video interviews are far easier to fit in than the hustle and bustle of finding your way to a new office.

By proposing a video interview to employers, you’re able to not only save your own time, but also brand yourself as a candidate who thinks outside the box. You’ll easily demonstrate your comfort level with technology and show you’re a go-getter willing to embrace new ideas in order to find the most efficient ways to conduct business. Even if employers ultimately decide to go a more traditional route with the interview, your suggestion will display your ingenuity and ability to think outside the box. These creative problem solving skills are attributes employers need in great workers, and will help you stand out from the pack.

How to Broach the Topic

So you’re sold on using a video interview instead of digging out your maps. But just how do you broach the topic of replacing your in-person sit down with a virtual meeting? The best way to do so is as respectfully as possible. Come into the discussion prepared and confident about your choice.

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, because it’s essential to be confident about your proposal. Have a list of reasons why a video interview is a great way to connect with your interviewer.

For instance, video interviewing can cut down a company’s time-to-hire, save on travel expenses, and make scheduling interviews a breeze. Know your facts and be respectful of any questions or concerns the employer might raise. If you’re confident and knowledgeable, it’s likely your passion will pay off with a video interview.

How to Explain Video Interviews

Once you’ve broached the subject of a video interview, the most important thing you can do is have the facts to back up your choice. If the employer has never used a video interview before, it’s likely they’ll have some questions about the technology.

The main thing you’ll want to explain is the different kinds of video interviews you can use to connect. If you’re meeting for an early stage interview, you might want to suggest a one-way video interview. In a one-way interview, candidates respond on video to questions posed by the employer. These video answers can be recorded at any time by the job seeker and viewed at any time by the employer.

This is a great option for an initial screening and one even the busiest job seeker can fit into a packed schedule. It can also save employers precious time in the hiring process, displaying to employers you are keeping their needs in mind. In fact, research from the Aberdeen Group shows employers can watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it normally takes to perform only a single phone screen.

In a live video interview, on the other hand, employers and job seekers can connect in real-time. It’s just like sitting across the desk from an interviewer, only you’re on the other side of the webcam. This will allow you to beat the traffic, avoid the long route, and still be right on time for your interview.

How to Convince The Employer

If your interviewer is still on the fence, it’s time to pull out some facts and figures. You can inform the employer that video interviewing is entering the mainstream of hiring techniques. In fact, according to a recent survey by Office Team six out of 10 companies are using video interviewing to connect with talent. So the video interview isn’t exactly an under-the-radar and untested form of communication.

You might also want to point out how video interviews can save companies time and money. A study by the Aberdeen Group showed video interviews can cut down on the travel costs associated with hiring by as much as 67 percent. If you’re an out-of-town candidate hoping to compete with hometown talent, this could be a great stat to cite when asking for a shot.

Plus, the video interview isn’t just good for saving a job seeker’s time. The Aberdeen Group also found video interviewing cut down the length of time it took companies to hire by as much as 47 percent. So if your interviewer needs a little convincing, bring up how the technology can save them both time and money.

Having real-world stats to back up your point will not only help you sell a video interview, but will also make you look prepared and organized. Employers are looking for organized candidates and your video interview suggestion will ensure you’re more memorable to the hiring manager, all before your interview even begins!

It might be nerve-wracking to propose a video interview to an employer, especially if your dream job hangs in the balance. But remember, if you spend time preparing your proposal you might just give yourself a leg up on the competition…all while beating the traffic!

What are some ways you can propose a video interview? Share in the comments!

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