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Jobs of the Future: 10 Careers on the Horizon

Remember sitting in your high school English class and your teacher informed you that 50% of the careers for your generation didn’t even exist yet? You may have rolled your eyes, but your teacher was right. In fact, Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, claims that 60% of the best jobs in the next 10 years haven’t even been invented yet, according to the infographic below from Kaplan Business School.

Whether you just graduated high school or you’re making a career change, your future career path could be one of these 10 opportunities that will be some of the best jobs in 10 or 20 years’ time. Job seekers who take action now and invest in these learning opportunities will be at the forefront of some emerging careers — as well as a pretty stellar salary.

You can see from the infographic that careers in environmental sustainability and technology will almost certainly be on the rise. As the country commits to renewable energy, there is a real need for careers like carbon accounting and sustainability monitoring. Environmental regulations and requirements will only increase, and with that, both large and small businesses will need individuals to ensure that they’re not only complying with the law but doing as much as possible to help save the environment.

Within the recruiting industry, big data has become a popular topic as of late. More and more companies will begin to compile and rely on data to make more educated decisions, just as recruiters have begun to use big data to determine which candidates make the best employees. A big data career path could take candidates through a variety of industries, including technology, web development and sales in addition to recruiting.

Not surprisingly, job opportunities will abound in the technology and web development industries. While the salary may not be competitive to green or data careers, there will be a greater supply of these particular jobs. They will also draw on things we do every day — navigating websites, creating a better user experience and utilizing social networks for brand exposure and public relations.

Kaplan Business School predicts that jobs like crowdfunding specialists and privacy consultants will also be on the rise in the next 10 years. But perhaps most surprising is the thought that space pilots and tour guides could be a very realistic career path for some in the not so distant future.

Essentially, the sky isn’t even the limit anymore. With these jobs on the horizon, there will be plenty of opportunity in these emerging industries within the next few years, all offering amazing benefits and comparable salary.

What other jobs might be available in the coming future? Share now in our comments!


Kathryn Randolph

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