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6 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Workspace and Productivity

6 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Workspace and Productivity

Your workspace is as important as your home as you spend a significant amount of time there. So, it has to be a perfect one with the right balance of good ambiance, technologies, amenities, and people. In fact, there are six effective strides you can take right now to increase the size of your workspace and productivity of your workspace to make sure it is the best place for you to work.

Keep your space clean and tidy

The basic cleanliness of your workspace indicates what kind of a person you are. So, keeping it uncluttered can portray an organized image of yourself in front of the clients, colleagues, and your boss. Make sure that you are starting your day in a clean workspace. It will also help you find extra space to accommodate everything that you have. Thus, your office will appear spacious.

Go for minimalism when organizing your office. Too much decoration or clutter in your offices doesn’t look good. So go for minimalistic architecture and design along with a tidy look in your workspace.

Fill with a positive energy

Make your workspace such that it reflects your personality. Make it welcoming, focused, and calm. When it comes to the mental focus of your office, you can include one or a couple of pictures along with a small potted plant, a Rubik’s cube and a lot of open space for desks to give a huge boost.

To attain an optimum level of productivity, include premium quality lighting Add natural colours, great lighting, some plants, and accessories to give another level of good vibes.

Reduce using paper

If your clutter mostly consists of a huge pile of papers on your desk at the work, it can distract you and increase your stress level. You probably don’t need a piece of paper for every task and the ones which you really need can be neatly organized. For the rest of them, go for electronically stored documents. Searching through electronically stored documents is much more efficient than exploring mounds of paperwork.

Maintain a notebook

As they say, old is gold. To write notes by hand can create great recall. Scribble down a list of agendas with all the planned activities that you have planned for the day. It will help you continue with your work in a more clear and concise way.

Famous legends like Sir Richard Branson even had notebooks for years filled with a myriad of ideas and thoughts. Doesn’t this inspire you to do the same?

Personalize in moderation

If you maintain a personalized workspace, it definitely helps you develop an emotional connection to your work. You can strike the right balance by including some personal items which are particularly meaningful and useful. In addition, including plants which boost your productivity, you can keep a personal calendar along with a family photograph of yours. It will help you stay on track throughout the week.

Keep gadgets away

Of course, smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. make your life organized but it can even let you waste a lot of time as well. Studies have shown that smartphones affect daily productivity in a pretty negative way. The staffing firm Office Team has conducted a survey which concluded that office workers have spent nearly five hours a week on their mobile phones unrelated to their work.

Hence, it is smart to keep your gadgets away from your desk and find a place to store them. If they will be out of your sight, you will not feel tempted to use them throughout the day. Further, it will give a great boost to your productivity.


What are you waiting for?

Just take these effective steps now and you will be able to keep your workspace the best place to go to work every morning. With these ideas, the overall space of your office, as well as the productivity and efficiency of workers, will touch new heights!

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