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Going Mobile: How Job Seekers Are Turning to Their Phones in Their Job Search

There may be one tool in a job seekers’ arsenal left untapped–and it may be one your most precious possessions. Job seekers can look to their back pocket for a little help in the job search. A new infographic shows the rise of mobile technology, specifically cell phones, in the pursuit of a job.

The infographic, from Glassdoor, shows some startling figures for the rise in mobile technology for job seekers, and even greater expectations for the future. Three-in-five job seekers today have used their cell phones to search for jobs in the past year. That number is expected to jump to over four-in-five within the next five years. That’s a big chunk of job seekers turning to technology in their job search.

If you’re unconvinced of the trend, consider that almost 20% of job seekers feel that mobile devices way to search for jobs. Utilization of mobile technology as a job search tool is on the rise, and may become increasingly more critical for job seekers looking to get a leg up in a fast-paced and dynamic business world.

The infographic also shows some ways mobile technology can help your interview process. According to the data, 43% of job seekers look at the job description on their cell phone before their interview. Job seekers also visit the company website, read news about the company, and read company reviews on their cell phones as part of their immediate pre-interview prep.

Mobile technology can also be utilized to interview and post resumes. Spark Hire job seekers can record profile videos and conduct job interviews–along with searching for jobs–on the mobile app.

Your cell phone may just be your best bet in your job search. Finding ways to effectively use mobile technology to search for, and educate yourself on, potential new jobs will make an engaging candidate for companies, and give you the flexibility to be ready for anything. Plus, it’s likely your next great tool is already in the palm of your hand.

Do you use your mobile device in your job search? Weigh in below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by MattsMacintosh

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