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Wild and Crazy Job Seekers

Alright, we know there are some outside the box job seekers out there, and we’ve talked about some of the more creative and a little crazy things people talk about in their job search. Today we’re bringing you a little of both again–a window, shall we say, into the world of the creative job search.

We’ll ease you into the creative job search with Jannic Nielssen. Nielssen was a college grad looking to avoid being forced to leave the US without a work visa. So he took the crowdfunding approach. Sort of. For those familiar with popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter, Nielssen created a mock crowdsourcing site inspired by Kickstarter to gain a different kind of capital: social capital. Where Kickstarter sources people from across the internet to donate money, Nielssen was looking for people to share his site, thus propelling his resume and pitch forward. It seems the plan worked, as Nielssen recently accepted a position with Thrillist Media Group.

Now that we’ve covered creative, and this side of reasonable, we’ll head to Denmark for a crazy (cool) job search idea designed to really give potential employers a window into your skills. And we mean a literal window. In contrast to the Kickstarter idea, job seeking window sitters are hoping potential employers pass right by them. It seems to be working as well. One job seeker has already found a job from one of the more creative job search exhibitions I’ve heard of, and organizers have extended the exhibition an extra two weeks.

Sitting in an exhibition window or creating a mock Kickstarter may not be your prefered job search methods, but the growing number of creative job seekers exacerbates the need to start thinking outside the box. Your print resume is no longer enough. Ideas like Nielssen’s Kickstarter copy not only show creativity, but the whole project is designed to get people sharing his resume. Great ideas serve multiple purposes. So get out there and be creative.

What are some wild and crazy job search ideas you have? Comment below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by the poppy tree

Jen Schiller

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