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Bring Your Mom to Your Interview

Moms are known for their love of giving advice. Over the years, they’ve dispensed a lot on everything from what clothes to wear, to who to date. As a job seeker, you may to be surprised to find out how much of mom’s advice matters in a job interview. As it turns out, her advice matters a lot. So while we don’t advise you to actually bring your mom along, we’ve compiled our favorite mom advice that could land you the job:

Stand up straight:

In the moments before you speak to your interviewer, they have already made split-second decisions based on your non-verbal behavior. Posture plays a role in making a good first impression, but also remember to make eye contact and give a firm handshake.

You have to love yourself before you love anyone else:

You must be confident in your abilities before entering an interview. Employers need to believe in you, and you need to believe in yourself. As you go on more interviews, you will begin to understand what you want and can choose the best company for you.

Tuck Your Shirt In:

Plan out what you’ll wear to the interview the night before. Do your research on the company to determine the right level of dress. Always air on the side of more formal. Take note how workers dress when you arrive for your first interview, in case you are asked back for a second interview.

Smile More:

People smile when they are happy, calm, and at ease. This is the image you should project when you are in your interview. If you need a reminder, write “smile” down on piece of paper before entering the interview. You can also try practice interviewing in front of a mirror, a friend, or recording yourself.

Don’t chew gum:

Gum chewing is never appropriate in an interview. If you need to freshen your breath pre-interview, bring small mints with you that you can quickly chew or swallow.

What’s the best advice your mom ever gave you? Have you been able to apply it in your job search? Let us know in the comments below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by hey_deeps

Ali Kelley

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