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How to Prepare for a Second-Round Interview

Congratulations! You’ve gotten through to the second-round interview! You’ve convinced your interviewer that you deserve another chance. But wait, haven’t you already said everything to prove you’re the best candidate? What more could they possibly want?

In a second-round interview the candidate pool is much smaller and the interviewer is now looking for you to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are the one to choose. In prepping for your second-round interview, here are some things to consider.

Review your first-round answers.

You did well your first time and were asked back. Do not dismiss or forget what worked the first time. Provide even more examples of how you’ve mastered a certain skillset. And for questions you struggled with, be sure to come up with stronger and more compelling answers.

Research your interviewer(s).

It’s even more important in later stage interviews to know who you’ll be meeting with. If it’s down to you and another candidate, sharing an alma mater or being able to speak about a company your interviewer used to work at, will boost your chances of getting the job.

Prepare to interview with multiple people.

In many second-round interviews you will meet with multiple managerial staff. Sometimes the interview will be panel style, with several staff in on one interview. In this case, remember to make eye contact with everyone, not just the staff member asking the question. As always, collect the business card of anyone who interviewed you and follow-up with a thank you note within 48 hours.

By the time you get a second-round interview, a lot of your hard work is done. But until you get a job offer, you must continue to hone your answers and present the best possible version of you.

What else do you think job seekers should know about second-round interviews? Let us know in the comments below!

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