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Top Hiring Industries for New Grads

As the Class of 2013 comes closer to graduating, many are looking to find where they can find a job to start their career. New data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers reports on the top five hiring job industries that took in the highest number of recent college grads regardless of major in 2012. College grads can look at these industries and see how their major can apply to get them into one of these top hiring industries.

Coming in fifth, the finance and insurance sector took in 96,700 new college grads last year. Students who majored in business administration, finance, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing and risk management can find a job in this sector. The average starting pay for a new college grad in these jobs is $57,741, the highest out of all five top hiring industries.

The industry that hired the fourth most number of new college grads, 191,900, is also the industry where college grads can find the most variety of jobs that will suit any major. The federal, state and local government offers a wide range of jobs in this industry that work primarily as agencies to oversee, administer and manage public programs. The website, offers a helpful list of federal jobs by major, even jobs for any major. The starting salary for a new college grad in this field is $44,863.

Coming in at third, is the health care and social assistance field, a combination of both as this industry serves to provide the necessary health care and social assistance for individuals in need. Last year this field took in 269,100 new college grads, and they start earning an average of $42,309. Jobs as counselors, social workers, nurses, home health aides and pharmacists are just some of the jobs in this field.

This industry listed as number two is the one that requires college grads to have specific training and certification in. This field is the  professional, scientific, and technical service sector, and it includes jobs like engineering, accounting, computer services and book keeping. They took in 289,400 new college grads and report an average starting pay in this industry is $48,035.

The top hiring industry, where college grads can find the most jobs in is in educational services. This industry hired 444,500 new college grads, significantly more college grads than others. It offers the lowest starting pay at an average of $39,879, but like all starting salary, it’ll only increase as you progress in your career. Jobs in this sector are primarily for education majors who have specialized in the broad range of subjects taught at elementary and secondary school.

Have you applied to jobs in these industries? If so, which ones? Weigh in below!

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