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Highlight Soft Skills at Your Next Interview

Consider this scenario: You apply for a job you’re confident in landing because you are qualified, you have stellar recommendations, and you (seemingly) had a good interview. However you don’t get the job–what gives?

When hiring managers are looking for job candidates, they are not only looking to see if you have the technical skills, but also the non-technical skills known as soft skills. Many job seekers who may not be fully qualified for a job may land a job based on their excellent soft skills because management skills and a positive attitude can go a long way.

Soft skills are usually associated with communication, management, critical thinking and positive attitude. They are skills that job seekers often overlook in their resumes and when they do it hurts their chances of employment. So avoid hurting your chances and increase your employability by highlighting your soft skills at your next interview. Here are some ways how.

When it comes to highlighting any skill during an interview, it’s a matter of showing not telling. You can’t simply list them on your resume or list them out loud. Use real life experiences to demonstrate your soft skills.

Before you do this, consider the soft skills you are best at. Don’t just pick a soft skill because it looks good. Remember, you have to be truthful during your interview. Pick three to four soft skills that you are best at showcasing and look for examples from past work experiences to showcase them.

Highlighting soft skills can be challenging because they aren’t technical skills. For example, many job seekers wonder how they may demonstrate having a positive attitude during an interview. Think of instances in the past where you may have motivated people or helped improved morale within a group.

Aside from giving anecdotal evidence of your soft skills, job seekers should remember to highlight their soft skills during the job interview. If you are saying you are a good communicator, make sure to listen to the interviewer and not interrupt them. If you are saying you have good management skills make sure you don’t arrive late to the interview.

When it comes to job interviews, hiring managers are not looking to see if you can just do the job, but if you can work within their job environment amongst others. Showcasing your soft skills along with your hard technical skills will add more value to your employability.

How do you highlight your soft skills? Weigh in below!

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Hanna Guerrero

Hannah is an intern writer here at Spark Hire. She is from the northern suburbs in Chicago and is currently studying journalism at DePaul University. She has always had a passion for writing which is why Journalism has proven to be the perfect career for her. She has written for the DePaulia Online on various topics such as fashion, music, movies and television. She loves living in Chicago because it offers exciting events to write stories on. In her free time she enjoys going to music concerts, watching movies with friends, cooking vegetarian food and walking her adorable Cocker Spaniel Coco.

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