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What to Expect for a Second or Third Round Interview

Congratulations, you made it through the first round of interviews, now they call you and ask you to come in for a second interview. Didn’t think there would be a second round interview? Well, you’re not alone. Many times, job seekers prepare for the first job interview, and don’t consider that there may be a second and even third round of interviews. Going in for a second and third interview can be daunting, and you feel like you said all you could say about yourself in the first interview. So, what is left to say? Here are some tips on how to approach the second or third round interview.

Many human resource managers agree that the first round of a job interview is about weeding out the candidates, and separating the good ones from the bad ones.The biggest factor in separating the good candidates from the bad ones is how their resume will translate in person. Once they see that you’re a good candidate, employers will use the second interview to focus on how qualified you are for the position.

Due to the focus on the role, a lot of “what if” questions will be asked during the course of the second interview. “What if” questions will test your skills, and help the employer learn about your work history. Being honest during the interview is crucial. If you over exaggerate your abilities they will find out. It’s also the right time for your to ask questions about the job and the work involved. By engaging with the interviewers on the different aspects of the job, you’ll show how interested you are in the position. Another great way of showing interest is to research the company. Researching the company will not only show your interest, but it will show that you always come prepared and are thorough. Now that you know how to approach the second interview, let’s talk about the third interview.

The third round interview is for employers to gauge what kind of contributor you will be. In many cases, they will look at your enthusiasm and creativity to determine if you will be a fit.  A lot of employers are thinking of new ways to drive their organization ahead of the competition. As a result, they are looking for candidates who think outside the box, and have the potential to bring the brand and product to new heights. Chances are if you made it to the third round, you’re very close to the finish line and may meet with the CEO or President for final approval. By this point you’ve convinced everyone that you are a good fit for the organization and have what it takes to bring a fresh take on the job role.

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Hanna Guerrero

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