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13 Top Blogs for Your 2013 Job Hunt

With the first month of 2013 wrapping up, you might have already hit a wall on your New Year’s resolutions. Those high-minded goals you made back in 2012 might seem far less reasonable in the harsh light of 2013.

If you’re struggling with your resolutions and finding these goals surprisingly hard to attain, know you’re not alone. It’s easy to make big proclamations over New Year’s Eve toasts, but it’s considerably harder to follow through. In fact, only about 8 percent of people are successful at achieving their resolution.

We all need a little help from time to time, and New Year’s resolutions are no different. If you’ve made a goal for your 2013 job hunt, here are some top quality blog posts to help you organize and start tackling the search in the new year with a renewed vigor:

5 Solid Tips for Sticking to Your Career Resolutions on U.S. News: It’s easy to make career resolutions but, as we’ve seen, much harder to stick to them. These five tips from author Ritika Trikha will help you stick to your guns and achieve your 2013 goals.

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Your 2013 job-search guide on The WorkBuzz: What can really help in your 2013 job search is setting reasonable goals for yourself. This post from Debra Auerbach outlines some of the guideposts you should be looking for when setting your 2013 job search goals.

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5 Career Goals You Can Live With on Career Rocketeer: Author Dorothy Tannahill-Moran says bah-humbug to those winter scrooges who refuse to make resolutions. Instead of abstaining from setting yourself goals, Tannahill-Moran suggests some simple and effective goals you can set to take your career forward in the new year.

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Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet on SimplyHired Blog: Don’t give up before 2013 even begins! Author Annie Favreau gives advice on how to be brave, make new connections, and turn the new year into your best year yet.

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The Resume Of The Future on Careerealism: What will the future hold for the traditional resume? Post author Stacy Harshman looks at a few ways the resume is changing thanks to online tools and social media.

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6 Steps to Achieve Career Success in 2013 on MonsterWorking: It’s time to get your career into high gear in 2013. These six steps from author Ford R. Myers will help you get your career back on track.

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A New Year, A New Job: Make 2013 Your Lucky Year! on Personal Branding Blog: If your resolution for 2013 was to find a great new job, this post from author Mike Spinale is for you. It’s full of tips on how you can dust off your job search and get into action.

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Employed in 2013: The 7 New Job Search Basics on TheSavvyIntern: In this post, author Mark Babbitt looks at some things job seekers (especially Millennials) can do to stand out from the pack. Whether it’s updating a LinkedIn profile or delivering thank you notes, these little touches can help on your job quest in 2013.

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Reinvent Yourself: Top 15 Jobs for Starting Over in 2013 on Brazen Careerist: Are you tired of your 9-to-5 grind? Thinking about reinvention? Then you should read this post by author Annie Favreau looking at the 15 jobs you might want to snag in 2013.

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13 Super Experts to Follow in 2013 on Campus to Career: Can a tweet actually help your career? It can if you’re following this list of career experts compiled by Kirk Baumann. Each expert offers top quality thought leadership and career advice in 140 character bursts.

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Where to Find Local Networking Events Offline on JobMob: Digital tools are great ways to find networking opportunities, from social media to the personal touch of a video resume. But sometimes the best way to network is in person. This post from author Jacob Share talks about how to find the local in-person networking events near you.

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6 Job Tips to Teach Your Future Self on The Voice of Job Seekers:  If you could hop in your Delorean and go back to the future, what would you tell yourself about the job hunt? Author Mark Anthony Dyson thinks about what you might want to tell your future self.

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Your New Year’s Goal: Get a New Job on The Daily Muse: If your goal is to land your dream job in 2013 you might want to read this inclusive list of tips and tricks for your job search. From the resume, to social media, to nailing the interview, this post tackles it all and provides helpful links to keep you reading.

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