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4 Local Opportunities to Boost Your Job Search

Are you aware of the job search opportunities within your local community that could help you make new connections, learn new skills or even snag that job? In many places, there are other professionals like you either looking to boost their career or get a leg-up in the job market. Here are four ideas for events and opportunities not far from home that might provide you with additional resources to help your job search.

Local professional groups.
Most likely within your community there is a group of professionals who meet regularly to make business connections and network. Maybe this group is an official one with regular meeting times and planned activities, or perhaps this group is a less formal gathering of individuals. Either way, it’s a great place to start making some connections and get a leg-up in your job search. These groups can probably be found and contacted through the Chamber of Commerce or just by searching a community bulletin board at the Community Center, library or even the gym.

Classes or events at the local library or community center.
While you’re checking the library bulletin board for a professional group, look for opportunities to take classes or go to community events. Often times, libraries offer basic computer classes at a low cost. You could attend one that would help you learn more about Excel or Word in order to build your computer skills. This, in turn, will help to boost the skills you list on your resume. Or you could attend community events such as poetry readings or a cooking class simply to meet others within the community and grow your network.

Local industry events.
While this option may take you a bit farther from home, there are always groups within an industry that work to create a community of like-minded professionals. Typically, like local professional groups, they hold regular meetings and plan events such as conferences and seminars. These groups most likely also have the added benefit of membership which, for an annual fee, could provide you with lots of perks and myriad opportunities for networking.

Job fairs at local universities.
If you have the benefit of living near a college or university, use their pool of students and their constant need to generate career information to your advantage. Maybe they hold career fairs that are open to the public. Job fairs are also sometimes held by local recruiting offices or through industry-specific groups. Keep an eye on the newspaper as well as those community posting boards already mentioned and jump at these kinds of opportunities.

The Chamber of Commerce.
If you check out the website for your local Chamber of Commerce, you’ll likely find it full of different opportunities for professionals of all stages. You can become a member of the local chamber or attend their events as a non-member. Since the organization of a Chamber of Commerce is created specifically to meet the needs of the business community, it is an excellent resource for networking and job searching.

What are some other local opportunities that you have taken advantage of in your job search? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Kailyn Baum

Kailyn is a recent college graduate with degrees in English and Political Science. She is currently working in the publishing industry, where she loves the fact that she is paid to immerse herself in talking and thinking about books all day long. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, cooking, line-dancing, and writing short stories and poetry. Her sincerest hope for contributing to Spark Hire’s job seeker blog is to provide job seekers of all ages with the tools and sense of humor necessary to stay calm and carry on.

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