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Spark a Conversation: Confidence in Video Interviews

Here at Spark Hire, we want to help candidates find their dream jobs using the power of online video. We get a lot of questions from readers about how to use online video in their search for a great job. These posts will address those questions about how to find success in your job search.

Question: How do I display confidence in the video interview? -Tom from Orlando

No matter how or where it is, whenever you are communicating with an employer you need to show them that you are a confident job seeker. Confidence in your job search, and at your job, is one of the most important ingredients to success. Think about it, would you rather hire shy Sally that’s too nervous to talk about her accomplishments, or bold Barbara who will talk about her strengths and weaknesses no problem? It’s probably safe to say shy Sally would get the boot, but it’s unfortunate because she was so talented. That’s why it is so important to show employers that you are confident– especially in your video interview. You don’t want to overdo it and seem egotistical, but you want to show them that you believe in not only yourself but your abilities and skills.

If you are nervous before your video interview, do everything you can to shake the jitters. Play your favorite music before the interview and dress in your power suit- from head to toe! Do anything you can to shake the nerves because if an employer sees that you are a nervous mess, they may assume you will not be able to deal with the stresses of the office. So be sure to practice or go over what you want to say beforehand so it is fresh in your mind. A great way to boost your confidence is to sit down and make a list of all of the things you are great at. Seeing that in front of you will remind you of how accomplished and how talented a candidate you are.

Doing a mock interview with a relative or close friend is a good idea, too. This way you can get some practice in answering interview questions you may not have thought of.

You should also make it a point to sit up straight and use your body language to exude confidence. Give the employer good eye contact throughout the video interview to show them that you are fully engaged with the conversation and with what they are saying. If you notice your leg shaking- part of nervous jitters or just a bad habit- make sure you stop and keep your feet still. Don’t wring your hands, either.

Lastly, try your best not to stutter and ramble. You know, the “ums” and “errs.” It’s okay to take a minute to think of an answer before you speak, so be sure to take advantage of that. Taking a second- or a minute- to think about your answer is much better than stumbling into an answer right away and making yourself look foolish. Take your time and think, that’s always allowed!

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