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How to Ace a Long Distance Video Interview

There are job seekers out there who want a job that’s a bit out of their reach, in terms of distance that is. If you’re eyeing a job in a far-off city or state, it is possible to land the job without hopping on a plane or car. Job seekers can save hours- and not to mention money- by video interviewing online with an employer. The problem then becomes, how do you make yourself a more valuable candidate than the other job seekers who are closer to the job? Here are some tips on how to ace your long distance video interview.

Before the video interview, consider the types of questions that you will be asked regarding your desire to move. They’ll ask you why you are making the decision to move in the first place. You need to answer this question with a level of professionalism. Don’t make your response too long and don’t make it about your personal issues. Employers are looking to see that you’re motivated, and relocating for a job shows a lot of motivation. Therefore, if you make your response about how career-driven you are as an individual, you’ll likely impress the interviewer.

Of course, the interviewer will want to know just how career-driven you are. They’ll also ask you when you will be able to relocate. Relocating is a massive undertaking, especially if you have a family to relocate with you, so you need to think about the time frame of your relocation before the job interview in order to give the employer an accurate estimate.

As in any other video interview, job seekers should have questions for the interviewer. You may want to ask if other employees have relocated for this job and ask the interviewer about their job roles. For a long distance video interview, you want to be sure that this job relocation is worth it and that it will take you on your desired career path. You don’t want to relocate to work in a dead-end job. Hopefully your employer will share their personal experience with the organization a bit and show that they’ve moved up in their career by working there.

Take your time during the job search to find the right long distance job for you. Just because you have the desire to relocate doesn’t mean you should settle for a job that you may be overqualified for or underwhelmed with. If you want to permanently stay in your new desired location, you need to find a job that will stick. Once you have found that job, your motivation and desire will show in your long distance video interview.

Job seekers: did you recently move to a new city or state? Do you think video interviews could have helped you in your job search? Share with us in the comments section below!

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