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5 Signs Your Video Interview is Going Well

During a video interview, job seekers are usually so caught up in the process of the interview that sometimes they fail to notice if they’re doing well or not. The interviewer isn’t going to tell you if you are and you should never ask, so it’s up to job seekers to look for signs that indicate they are rocking the video interview. There are some obvious signs that it is going well and there are some not-so-subtle signs. Let’s take a look at what some of these signs are.

First impressions mean a lot in a video interview- or any job interview for that matter. In this type of job interview you can’t give that winning handshake, but you can still make that personal introduction with a million dollar smile and a warm greeting. It’s also important to take note that in a video interview you want to make sure all of the technical things are taken care of beforehand. Your sound and visual quality should be checked before the interview begins. You don’t want the interviewer to be greeted by a black screen or silence when the video interview starts.

The length of the video interview is important to take note of. A good sign that the video interview is going well is if the interview goes over its allotted time. If it does, it could mean that you were good at engaging the interviewer and asked plenty of good questions at the end. A sign of discouragement is if the interview cuts short. You never want the interview to end before its scheduled time.

Did you and the interviewer discuss your availability? This is a sign that the video interview is going particularly well. The interviewer wouldn’t ask you this question if they didn’t believe you fit into the job role. Your availability is also a crucial marker for whether or not you should be hired. Usually, the sooner you can start, the better it is for the job interviewer. If this question was asked after the interviewer discussed your job role and how you’d fit into it, then you’re definitely being considered for the job.

Unlike an in-person interview where you can sit in the same room with the interviewer and see their every move, (such as when they jot down notes when you talk) in a video interview this is more difficult to assess. However, you can tell that the interviewer is engaging with you and pushing you to explain yourself further by the questions they ask. The questions may feel intimidating, but the interviewer is just trying to get to know you better.

Finally, consider how you feel after the interview. If you felt that it went well and that you had a good, lively conversation with the interviewer then that’s probably a good sign. If after the video interview you’re left with a bad feeling or a feeling of anxiety, it could be you being hard on yourself, but it may also indicate that you didn’t perform as well as you should have.

Are there certain things you look for in an interview that tell you if it went well or not? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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