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The Business of Business Cards

Nowadays everything is digital, or almost everything. The other day I asked a friend for someone’s contact information and she sent me his (virtual) card. So why, then, would people need to have physical business cards in the age of iPhones and Droid phones? The answer is simple: business cards are still de rigueur in most fields and help to ensure you stay in contact with everyone you meet in your networking- even if your cell battery dies.

If you have a job you may not see the need for a separate business card, but consider that there may be networking situations where you want someone to have your personal information but all you have are work cards. Or you’re leaving a job and want to give people your personal information. This happened to me when a former intern boss left the organization during my tenure and handed us all personal calling cards so we had her contact information when we needed references.

Job seekers should always have a business or calling card handy for the networking we mention so often. You aren’t always holding your phone- it may die- or you may have a mishap and your contacts aren’t transferred over to a new phone. As great as phones are, they’re still not entirely reliable.

Now that you understand the importance of business cards and are in the market for business cards, there are a number of places to look. If you listen to Pandora you’ve probably heard your fair share of Vistaprint ads. In addition to some of the major business card companies, there are a number of other options to get cheap, personalized and professional looking cards. Check out Etsy for unique cards made by small business owners. You can also buy pre-cut cards and stamps. SavySugar put together a list of eight of the top designs on the crafty marketplace.

If you’re still a technocrat, try experimenting with a QR code on the back which directs your contact to your professional profile or your video resume.

Business or calling cards are still handy and important when making networking contacts. Having your own personal card is important for making contacts in all walks of life, so invest wisely.

Do you include business cards in your networking? Let us know in the comments section below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by eliazar

Jen Schiller

Jen works as a Marketing Project Manager for a restaurant, a kitchen assistant for cooking classes, helps with database management, does some freelance writing, and more. She received her B.A. from the University of Maryland in Government & Politics in 2011. Currently, she resides in the Washington, D.C. area and is an avid sports fan.

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