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Top 10 Job Seeker Blog Posts of 2012

It’s been a tough year for job seekers. Despite the unemployment number dropping below eight percent for the first time in nearly four years, looking for job is still a hard road to travel. There are resumes to write and rewrite, video resumes to record, and interviews to prepare for.

In 2012, the digital realm became a much more essential space for job seekers looking to find a job. Utilizing the power of the Internet, job seekers could show off their personality with a video resume, brand themselves as a top job seeker with a personal webpage, and even connect with employers thanks to social media.

But this new reality can be hard to navigate for many job seekers. It’s not like finding your dream job was ever easy, but now it seems there are more things to consider than ever before.

Before you make your 2013 job hunt resolutions, review these helpful posts full of advice and wisdom for landing your perfect position:

7 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Works from Home on Brazen Careerist: More companies are embracing the convenience and flexibility of allowing workers to telecommute from home. Whether you work from home full-time or only a few days a week, here are some common misconceptions about virtual work you might encounter from Kelly Gurnett.
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Don’t Be A LinkedIn ‘Collector’ Or ‘User’ on Careerealism: This smart post by Dawn Rasmussen encourages job seekers to form personal connections with their LinkedIn contacts instead of collecting strangers.
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7 Ways to Make the Best Impression at a New Job on Work Awesome: So you finally landed your dream job. Congratulations! This post by author Cara Barone will help you impress as soon as you step foot in your new office.
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5 College Grad Job Search Mistakes on Campus to Career: If you’ve recently graduated college and joined the job seeker crowd looking for the perfect job, this post by Charles Sipe is a must-read. You don’t want to be making any of these five fatal mistakes!
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How NOT to Introduce Yourself on Personal Branding Blog: Considering how important networking is for finding great opportunities, it’s important you know how to introduce yourself properly. This post by Pete Leibman tackles the ways in which you should absolutely not introduce yourself to new professional contacts.
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Job Hunt Skills You Need to Survive on the Simply Hired Blog: The job hunt can be tough and sometimes even demoralizing. This post discusses the attributes you’ll need to develop in order to survive the hunt and find a great job.
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Face It, Your Resume Probably Sucks on Fistful of Talent: This post on HR and recruiting blog Fistful of Talent is a great insight into the minds of hiring managers for the eager job seeker. Make sure you’re paying attention to these resume mistakes so your resume wows employers.
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How to Succeed in a Marathon of an Interview on U.S. News: You might be excited when you finally score a job interview, only for that interview to go on forever and ever. It’s easy to lose energy in a long interview. This post by Miriam Salpeter tells you how to deal with these marathon interviews.
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You May Need More than a Resume to Get the Interview and Job Offer on Career Rocketeer: Is the traditional resume enough to land your dream job going into 2013? Post author Perry Newman discusses the other sources of information you might want to consider providing to employers to present them with a fuller picture of your candidacy.
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11 Scary Job Search Stories That Will Make You Cringe on JobMob: Think your interview went badly? Just check out these real life interview horror stories and you might realize it could have gone worse.
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Great posts, right? And just in case you missed them, here are the top five posts in 2012 right from Spark Hire’s own job seeker blog:

  • How to Detect the Signs of a Good Interview: You’ve just left your interview and don’t know whether you scored or bombed. This article will help you determine signs that the interview went your way.
  • Examples of Workplace Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment in the workplace isn’t acceptable, ever. This post helps you isolate examples of sexual harassment so you’ll be better informed to protect yourself in the office.
  • Reading Body Language in the Workplace: Are your crossed arms in a meeting the reason you just lost a big project? Read this post to see what your workplace body language is saying about you.
  • Fun Jobs that Pay Well: Not every job that pays well is boring, even if it feels that way sometimes. Here are the fun jobs you can pursue that will actually help you pay the bills.
  • 5 Mistakes Interns Make At Work: Landing a great internship is exciting and can have a real impact on your future career. So make sure to read this post to avoid the five common mistakes interns make in the office.

Have some blog posts we missed? Share in the comments!

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