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sparkCast Episode 034

Spark Hire Podcast Do you have a personal blog you update regularly? Do you attach that personal blog to your resume, social media handles and job applications? Now most importantly, is that personal blog a professional blog? In our podcast for this week we discuss how having a personal blog can really help you in your job search. However, if it’s not professional it can do quite the opposite.

We also talked about introverts and the struggles they may face with job interviews. It’s not easy for introverts to talk about themselves and their accomplishments openly, but that is an essential part of a job interview. Listen in on our podcast this week for tips on how introverts can ace their job interview and how to properly use a personal blog in your job search. Trust us, it’s helpful!

Articles Covered
Using a Personal Blog in Your Job Search
Job Interview Tips for Introverts

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HOST – Nicole Nicholson (Content Editor at Spark Hire)
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