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Stress Busters for Job Seekers

The job search is no easy task, but one way to make the job search easier is having an organized and stress-free work space at home. The clutter of your workspace may be causing you to feel stressed, and being stressed often leads to reduced productivity. Here are some tips and handy stress busters that can help you create a job search environment free of distraction and unwanted stress.

For starters, organize the clutter on your desk. This is easier said than done, but getting rid of the pile of papers sprawled out all over your desk will prove to be a major stress buster. Get your papers organized by having them filed in folders in a drawer. Organize the files alphabetically or by priority, whichever way works best for you. As Forbes states, the less clutter you have on your desk, the less distracted and disorganized you’ll feel. Chances are you’ll find papers you can just throw away. Having only the necessary papers on your desk for your job search will ensure you are ready for anything. Once you’ve cleaned off your desk, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Make sure you have a to-do list and a day planner or calendar to ensure job search productivity and organization.

The source of your stress may not be the desk itself, but instead the location that your desk is in. Consider the room you are working in. Is it cluttered with junk? Does it have drab gray walls? Think about decorating the walls by adding color. The colors green and yellow are proven to generate more creativity and can act as stress busters. Another stress buster is changing the lighting. Having too much or too little can have a large influence on your productivity.

Other stress busters that will be sure to keep you feeling motivated and happy are welcoming personal items on your desk. Pictures of family and pets, small plants and other desk decorations can make your workspace feel more personalized. It’s always nice to work with familiar faces around you and memories of happy, relaxing times. To motivate yourself further, try finding motivational quotes and post them on your wall to keep your productivity up during your job search.

Take your job search more seriously by creating an environment at home meant for work. This means having a job search schedule and making it known to those living with you that you are not to be disturbed during that time. Doing this and simply communicating with others can prevent any distractions that come up if you live with others. When you have a set time you must work within, it can help motivate you to get the job done.

Lastly, eliminating internet distractions like social media and personal email can work as great stress busters as well. The same goes for your phone. When you decide to sit down and get to work on your job search, turn your phone off or put it on silent. A job search can be stressful, especially when employers don’t take the bait. However, using stress busters like the ones mentioned above can help increase your productivity and put you in a better state of mind as well. Happy job searching!

What are some stress busters you employ to take the stress out of your job search? Share with us in the comments section below!

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