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benefits of video interviews

Video Interview Benefits in the Hiring Process

Video interviews are often thought of as solutions for long-distance job seekers; they can replace the phone interview or first interview, if travel is impractical for a candidate.
benefits of video interviews
However, this is totally wrong. Okay, it’s not totally wrong. Video interviews can be great for helping long-distance job seekers. However, their main purpose is to provide a better interview experience for candidates and HR professionals, period. Video interviews provide ease of scheduling, great organization and an overall comfortable interview experience— whether you live a few doors down, or a few time zones away.

Video interviews are not meant to replace an in-person meeting during the final stages of the hiring process. Instead, video interviews make the process leading up to a final interview faster, easier and more convenient. For example, a one-way video interview can make your experience in the early stages of an interview process much faster. A typical phone screen takes about 30 minutes. An employer reviewing one-way video interviews can go through up to 10 video interviews in that same amount of time. This means that the overall hiring process is faster, and candidates spend less time waiting on results from job interviews.

Moreover, a one-way video interview is much less stressful. Having the freedom to record and re-record answers to interview questions allows candidates to let their enthusiasm and knowledge show without being put on the spot during a tedious phone interview. Video interviews can also be recorded at any point, eliminating the hassle of coordinating schedules and waiting by the phone.

Two-way live video interviews are also here to make the hiring process easier. As a candidate and an employer, scheduling is simpler with video technology. You can participate in a two-way video interview from the comfort of your own home, and still have the opportunity to let your natural charm show through the video interface. A video interview also cuts down on trips to your potential employer’s premises during the hiring process while still getting an idea about the environment and attitudes of the people you may be working for.

Two-way video interviews— like one-way video interviews— are also recordable for employers, meaning that you may not have to interview with as many people in the company. At one point during my job search, I met face-to-face with seven different people over the course of a day-long interview (and it was my second trip to the office). It was exhausting, to say the least, and could have been made much simpler through the use of video interviews in their hiring process.

No matter what kind of video interview you participate in, it is sure to make your interviewing process easier and less stressful. So, get to video interviewing!

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