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Job Interview: What Not to Say to Employers

A job interview is a time to say the best things you can to make yourself the best qualified candidate. We’ve all failed to think before we speak at times, but doing this during your job interview is the worst time to do it. Avoid these interview mistakes for your next video interview or in-person job interview.

At the top of the list, job seekers should know NOT to bad mouth your previous job, even if it truly was a bad experience. The way you speak about your previous employers will show the hiring manager how you work in a workplace setting and what your personality is like. If all you do is talk about how horrible your boss was, or how the work you did was meaningless, you’re setting yourself up to look like you didn’t try to make the best of your job. As CBS suggests, instead of complaining about your previous job, compliment it on all the good things it had to offer- there have to be a few at least.

Don’t ask what the company does because you should already know. Employers expect you to be knowledgeable on what their company does and bring that knowledge to the job interview. Just skimming their website for basic details may not be enough, because you may find yourself saying, “I didn’t know that,” as the interviewer explains details on the organization. This is an example of one of the worse interview mistakes. Don’t say anything that would hint that you don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to what the company does. Avoid interview mistakes like this by doing as much research as you can on the company.

Don’t forget to ask questions during your job interview. Not saying anything at all can be worse than saying the wrong thing. They expect you to have questions prepared whether they’re based on the corporate culture or more in-depth questions on the job position. Any question is better than no question at all because you want to show interest in the company and position.

Don’t criticize the company by asking questions on why do they certain things. It’s not your job to point out the mistakes you think their making. In fact, this would go under the category of “big interview mistakes.” If they ask you what you would do first if you got this role, and that happens to be to rectify an obvious company mistake, then that could be advantageous. However, don’t criticize things that don’t matter like the size of the cubicles or the dress code. By doing this you are making it seem like small things, such as the size of your desk, are deal breakers. Most employers don’t want to hire someone like that.

Don’t ask about pay or benefits off the bat. In terms of interview mistakes, a lot of people have differing opinions on this. However, this sort of talk is best saved for when you actually get the job offer- or at the end of a string of interviews. At the job interview, your chances of landing the job are still uncertain and all rely on how you conduct yourself during the interview. Asking about sick leave or vacation days indicates that you’re already planning on being absent at a job you may not even have yet. Asking about the salary indicates that you care more about the money than the job. As important as these things may be to you as you go into the video or in-person interview, you need to hold back from asking right away.

What are some interview mistakes you have learned from as a job seeker? Share with us in the comments section below!

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