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Be Your Own Boss When Your Boss is Away

Your boss is going away on a conference for the week; time to kick back, relax and do some serious internet browsing, right? Well, not so fast! The best way to show your independence and leadership skills is when your boss is away. Showing that you can get the job done without the supervision of your boss is a great accomplishment and shows that you’re ready to take on more roles in the office. Even though your boss is away, it’s important to remember that other supervisors and employees are still around, so if you slack off it will be not go unnoticed. Be professional about the absence of your boss and do what it takes to get the job done in their absence, and you’ll be rewarded in the long run.

Your boss will most likely tell you in advance that they’re going to be away. They’ll have a couple of things lined up for you to do. It’s your job to figure out how to distribute the work so it gets done in an efficient manner. If you’re getting two big projects to work on while they’re away, the Mid-day suggests that you think of how to divide up your time to make sure they both get done. Think of any questions you have about the work you’ll be doing in their absence and be sure to ask them before they leave. Some bosses like to be caught up on what you do while you’re away by emailing on a daily basis for a quick check-in on how you’re doing, while others trust that you’ll get the work done and won’t email that often. If your boss likes to email a lot, take advantage of that and email them any questions you have while they’re away.

Once you have a plan for your days without your boss, you’ll feel more prepared to come into work and know what you’re doing. It’s easy to feel distracted while your boss is away, with nobody looking over your shoulder to keep you in check. You need to take more personal responsibility and keep yourself in check on your own. You may feel compelled to leave work early or come in late, but that shows poor professionalism. If you stay professional and act as if your boss is still there, you’ll build strong willpower during their absence that will help you when they come back.

Keep track of the work you accomplish while your boss is away. This way, you’ll have a detailed record to report back to your boss when they return. The more you get done, the more impressed your boss will be with you- but remember to do quality work over quantity. If you get ten things done poorly, it won’t be as appreciated as getting three things done at above average performance. Working with your boss is a learning experience, and you’ll become a more independent and professional person from it. Take these tips on how to be your own boss while your boss is away, and you’ll find yourself climbing up the corporate latter sooner rather than later.

What are some things you do to excel when your boss is out of the office? Let us know in the comments section below!

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