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Tips for a Job Search Abroad

A couple weeks ago we covered some of the benefits of a job search abroad. Your global job search might lead you to a land you already know you love, or a new, exciting one that will satisfy you in employment as well as from a cultural and social standpoint. So how can you go about finding, applying to, conducting a job interview, and securing a job abroad? Here are some great tips for your job search abroad.

First, narrow it down. You don’t need to know where you want to move, or what exactly you want to do even, but you probably should know one or the other. If you have a location in mind, search for some of the emerging and established industries in order to better align your global job search. Want to work in tourism or hospitality? Spain might be your best bet. (It is also a good bet if you’re into renewable energy.) Interested in supply chain management or factory engineering? Head to Argentina where the manufacturing reigns.

Once you have a place, or a job, in mind, get to job searching. Many multinational job search boards allow you to aggregate your job search by location. Another option is to look at companies that interest you or industries which interest you. Even if no job is listed, a lot of companies list a contact for future employment opportunities. There’s no harm in sending a video resume to an employer anyway. Your job search abroad is all about exploring something new, so taking chances and getting creative is vital.

Now that you’ve targeted some jobs to apply for, you should make a video resume. Since you won’t be within reasonable job interview distance, a video resume and video job interview may be the only chance an employer has to see you and your personality before thinking about hiring. Additionally, if you are applying for a job in a foreign language, you can showcase easily your oral proficiency on your video resume and in the virtual job interview. Many can say they are proficient in another language, but to prove it in a video interview or virtual job interview is best.

So get out there, get your global job search on and your video resume together- and have fun! The best part of deciding to move abroad is the spontaneity and excitement of it.

Have you done a job search abroad? Did you recently move across the globe for employment? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by ToastyKen

Jen Schiller

Jen works as a Marketing Project Manager for a restaurant, a kitchen assistant for cooking classes, helps with database management, does some freelance writing, and more. She received her B.A. from the University of Maryland in Government & Politics in 2011. Currently, she resides in the Washington, D.C. area and is an avid sports fan.