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Hunting On the Move: The Best Apps For Your Job Search

In today’s frantic business world, you just don’t have the time to stop and browse job sites. With unemployment still hovering around 8 percent, it’s a good bet your competition for the best jobs are not taking it easy either!

While the economy is slowly recovering, competition for the best jobs is at an all-time high. In August a scant 96,000 new jobs were added to the marketplace for job seekers to fight over. If you want to get in front of the pack and find that perfect job, you’re going to need to keep moving. You should never stop moving forward in your job search or you risk losing out on opportunities.

So how do you keep from being left in the dust by your competition?  Hunt on the move! Thank your smartphones, tablets and mobile devices for the ability to never be out of reach. You won’t be the only one checking the job listings on-the-go. In fact 77 percent of job seekers are now using mobile apps in their hunt for the perfect job. Don’t get left behind, take your job search along for the ride.

Here are some apps that can help you stay in the loop, wherever your life takes you.

One of the largest job board sites is now ready to accompany you wherever you go. The job search engine gives you access to millions of jobs aggregated from thousands of search engines. Looking for a change of location? Indeed posts jobs from 27 countries. It even updates the job listings from the last time you performed your search, so you know you’re always scanning the newest positions.

Spark Hire
Tired of sending out countless paper resumes and juggling schedules just to make it to an interview? Well, video is the answer! Our Spark Hire mobile app allows job seekers to record both a video profile (resume) as well as record videos of themselves answering text-based interview questions that are posed by employers. Now you can get more visual than your competition by literally showing employers your professionalism, candor and communication skills. Just be sure to find a nice place to record. No one wants a video of you standing in front of a pile of dirty laundry!

Job Compass
Ahoy matey, jobs ahead! If you want to feel like a pirate hunting for buried gold while you hunt for that golden job opportunity, this could be the app for you. Job Compass uses your iPhone’s GPS locator to hone in on the job openings close by. You can search for jobs in your own backyard or far away thanks to the app’s ability to search from a 5 to 100 mile radius around your current location. Once you find a job you can read up on the description and email the link to yourself. If you’re more impatient to plunder the job market, you can even apply for jobs right from your phone.

Network, network, network. Have you ever gotten this piece of advice while on the job hunt? If you have, there’s now an app for that. LinkedIn is one of the largest and most well-known career networking sites. And with their app you can keep your profile up to date on the go. Join groups related to your industry and connect with other professionals from the comfort of your phone!

You just gave your business card to an important contact and you can foresee exciting career opportunities on the horizon. Only problem? Your contact just lost this important little piece of paper. ScanBizCards solves this problem by allowing professionals to scan business cards right into their phones for retrieval on any mobile device or computer. Once scanned, information can be added to your phone’s address book or even your Outlook. Now you can keep all of those important business cards in one place, instead of finding them scattered throughout your home months later!

What are some of your favorite job search apps? Share them!

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