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how to rock your video interview

4 Ways to Rock Your Video Interview

how to rock your video interviewVideo interviews can be great for a number of reasons, especially if you live very far from the offices of your potential employer. Many of the usual interview tips apply to a video interview—being prepared, polite and punctual—but there are some extra details to take care of with the new technology. Here are four ways to rock your video interview.

Know your equipment
Practice with as much of the equipment as possible before the interview. Different companies will use different interfaces, and be sure to find out which one you will use beforehand so you can try it out.  Also, be sure to test your microphone and webcam to make sure they are working properly. Try recording a test video and making sure you can be clearly seen and heard.

Craft your presentation
Take a few precautions to limit annoying distractions during your video interview. Set up your camera so that you get a nice shot of your head and shoulders and limit background clutter and motion. Background motion is especially distracting because it will look very blurry on the other end, so nix any backgrounds that might move. (I know, I know! I thought an aquarium would look neat, too.) Also try to minimize any “motion” in your outfit. Have you noticed that newscasters don’t wear crazy patterned clothes? Busy patterns can be difficult for the video equipment to reconcile, and can cause poor picture or delay. Go for solid, conservative colors, but avoid bright white.

Also, be aware that small sounds like shuffling papers or clicking pens can sound disproportionately loud on the other end of a video interview. Do your best to avoid this.

Be aware of your appearance
Video can change the way you normally show engagement and contact during an interview. You won’t be able to make direct eye contact, or turn to face more than one interviewer. To make up for this, take special care to remember the names of your interviewers- if there are more than one. Address them by name to show engagement and to clarify your points. Also be aware that your face will be the only thing for your interviewers to focus on, so your facial expressions are more important than ever. Be sure to look like you are listening. If you don’t, your interviewers will notice.

Make lemonade (don’t be afraid)
The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid of a video interview. This is because doing well in a video interview situation can be a huge advantage. Companies are impressed by the ability of candidates to adapt gracefully to this new technology; don’t pass up that opportunity! Also don’t freak out if the software crashes. Your interviewers will not blame the snafu on you, and your quick recovery can reflect well on you as a candidate.

By keeping these tips in mind, your video interview can be every bit as (ahem) comfortable as a regular interview. Good luck!

How do you prepare for a video interview? Leave a comment below, or send me a tweet: @ithinkther4iamb

SOURCE: Ask the Head Hunter

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