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So You Majored in Music?

People that majored in Music are some of my favorite people. Although many of those in this crazy dedicated group will already have a great idea of where to find a job, here are some options you might not have considered. Think of it as a care package, for when you can’t teach one more person to play Hot Cross Buns on their violin/trumpet/triangle.

Community Events Manager
Communities love music. You love music. It’s a match made in heaven, right? In this position you will use project management skills to supplement your encyclopedic knowledge of good music and pop culture.
Apply at: Local arts organizations, theatres/concert venues, event planning firms

Performance Hall Manager
In this position you will manage everything from budgeting to booking to staff members, but it will be your expertise in music that sets you apart as a leader. By using your music degree, you will be able to provide specialized service that people from other backgrounds can’t match.
Apply at: Theatres/concert venues, including those at local colleges

Development Coordinator
Arts organizations need people to constantly dig up funding opportunities, create public interest, and find ways to better their community presence. Your background in music will make you a natural fit for a role in an arts organization, and your connections with other musicians will be an asset to your employer.
Apply at: Local arts organizations— especially non-profits and local colleges/universities

Inquiry Agent
My friend’s boyfriend graduated in 2010 with a degree in music and this is what he does. He works for a music licensing agency and helps artists begin the process of setting up legal protections for their work. He is also in a band on the side, which you should totally do, too. See also: Music producer
Apply at: Music licensing agencies. Also try talent agencies and things like that while you’re at it.

Group Sales Manager
This position would be similar to working as a performance hall manager, but your focus is more specifically on ticket sales. You will research potential group business, attend community outreach events and trade shows, and manage ticket orders. See also: Concert promoter
Apply at: Concert venues, ticketing companies and websites

Digital Audio Editor
Consider combining your musical knowledge with your tech-savvy skills. Any kind of entertainment, advertisement, or sound effect needs someone with both computer skills and an ear for tunes to work on it. See also: Sound Technician
Apply at: Advertising agencies, film companies, recording studios

Jobs to reach for…

Music Therapist
Possibly the coolest profession, aside from pet therapist. This job will require pretty specialized coursework, but you can enroll in an equivalency program post-grad and just take the required classes that you are missing. Music therapists work in nursing homes, hospitals, and other care facilities to provide people with therapeutic music experiences like singing, creating, moving to or listening to music.
Check out the American Music Therapy Association for more information.

Music Librarian
This job will require some library science in addition to your music degree, but it will be well worth it. Music librarians are responsible for the daily running of a music collection, and helping people find musical information within that library.

Who knew there was such a job? The position will require an advanced degree, but that’s a small price to pay for studying music all day, everyday. Historical, social, behavioral, archaeological, and ethnological emphases abound; it’s just up to you to pick one.

Good luck! B Sharp!

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SOURCE: University of Texas
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