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Great Ways to Zen Your Office

Things get really crazy and hectic in the office, and if you don’t have something to calm you down or snap you out of it then the days may be very rough for you. I recently saw a super cheesy movie- I can’t think of the name- but one part in particular stuck with me. The mother in the movie was at work in the office and she was starting to freak out and get stressed. When she felt the tension rising, she grabbed a framed photo off her desk, took a deep breath and stared at it. It was a picture of a huge waterfall. It was meant to be funny, and it kind of was, but I got to thinking, “That’s a great idea!” Everyone should have something at their desk that serves to calm them down when things get crazy. There are a number of things you can place around your desk to “zen” it out or to serve as soothing mechanisms.

If you’re like me and thought the framed picture of something ‘pleasant’ was a great idea, then get to framing! When things get crazy and difficult, it’s nice to be able to step back and have a reminder of the great things in life. Having pictures of your office might be a great reminder and serve as a cool down technique, but other pictures can work as well. As in the case with the mom in the movie, the picture of the waterfall worked towards helping her keep her cool. Perhaps placing a few pictures of flowers, trees, a forest or whatever you find appealing would work for you. Try a few out and see what helps you out the best.

Having live plants in your office or on your desk is surprisingly very calming. As I often say, everything in the office is usually so sterile so having something natural in your office is a real relief. It’s also a small reminder to take it easy and to appreciate the small things in life. It may sound cheesy, but don’t knock it until you try it. I like to opt for real plants, so they may take a little upkeep, but if you are the type that kills any living plant in your wake then perhaps you should go for a fake one. Either way, it’s a nice relief from the hectic, hum drum mood of the office.

By the same token, flowers can offer the same relief. If you sit by a window an orchid can be a real nice addition to a desk, cube or office. Flowers also bring a lot of bright, natural colors into an otherwise grey, drab setting. You’d be surprised how great a little color here and there in the office can be. On top of that, they’re also a great way to brighten up your office for the summer. Give it a go and see how it works for you.


If you are a lover of music, then you know how powerful and influential it can be over your moods. It depends on what line of work you do, but if you don’t have to be on the phone all day then you might want to consider grabbing some headphones and zoning out to some tunes while you complete your day’s work. I pretty much write all day long at work, so for me music is a way for me to focus and get my creative juices flowing. I wear headphones so I don’t disturb my coworkers and make sure I am keeping the volume down at a respectable level. Of course, this is something you would need to check with your boss or manager about, but if they allow it then go for it. For me, instrumental music is key for getting my work done in a timely manner. Plus, I just think it helps me focus way more. You need to be really careful though with your volume level because your coworkers may get a bit annoyed if they can hear what you have going on in your office or cube. Sometime I can hear my coworkers music banging from their headphones and it’s not fun- so be considerate and keep your music low. It’s a great way to zen out and calm down if you are feeling particularly stressed or tense.

Sometimes drinking a hot, soothing beverage is the best way to de-stress. I keep a box of green tea at my office and start my day off with a nice, hot cup of tea. This gets my day going and sets the mood for the remainder of the day. If I am having a particularly stressful or hectic day, I take a minute and pour myself some hot water. I take a couple deep breaths and drink my tea slowly and it works towards calming me down.

These are all great things that can help you ‘zen’ out at work. We all experience rough or stressful days at work, but there are definitely things you can do to combat the negative effects. Try a couple of these things out or come up with a few of your own. No one wants to feel tense or stressed at work.

What do you do to de-stress of calm down at work? Share with us here in the comments or tweet me @nicole_spark. We always love to hear your opinions.

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