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The Benefits of Working for the Government

We all have our gripes about the government. Whether it’s taxes, healthcare or government spending, the U.S government has its share of problems. If there’s one thing I do know though and it’s that the government takes care of its own. The phrase “if you can’t beat’em join’em” comes to mind and some of the benefits that come with a government job make it difficult to ignore a position from within. Let’s examine some of the benefits of working for the government and see if it’s alluring enough for you to turn to the dark side.

The most glaring difference between the public and private sector are the benefits offered. While private sectors have different benefit packages depending on the job and your position, government employees have a more traditional and secured package. Health and dental go almost without asking in the public sector. Other benefits such as life insurance, retirement plans other than social security, tuition and student-loan reimbursement and child and elder care resources are just to name a few. Not to say some private corporations don’t or won’t offer these amenities, but government jobs certainly do.

Flexibility and stability are also two key aspects you are rewarded with while working for Uncle Sam. Paid vacations, sick and maternity leave are provided as well as all major holidays off- even the non-major ones like president’s day are all accounted for within the government sector. Most likely you work only 40-hour work weeks and overtime is paid. In essence, a government job puts you at ease and gives you peace of mind.

The amount of government positions available makes looking at a job with the government that much more appealing. The government easily employs the largest amount of people in the country, and the variety of jobs is vast. That being said, it’s easier to find a job you’re qualified for. Since the government is so large and has so many employment opportunities, making a lateral movement from different careers within the government sector is a lot more imaginable than it is within the private sector.

Another benefit that goes along with finding a government job is their civil service hiring system. The government is on the forefront of hiring everyone and leaving politics aside. It sounds contradictory for me to say that the government is leaving politics aside, but it’s true. Government jobs overlook certain characteristics of people, which unfortunately, some private sectors still cannot stake claim to.

The availability, perks, and security of a government job are all prominent. The fact that you’re ultimately working for the greater good, (our country) is a significant benefit for working with the government. Not trying to turn a profit, (excluding the profit politicians receive in their pocket) and contributing to society and this country is rewarding. Although I do feel that the retched employees that work at the DMV sometimes aren’t helping out for the greater good. Instead they are simply seeing how many different forms of identification one can provide to receive their driver’s license. If I had an ID I wouldn’t need an ID, would I?

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Chris Officer

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