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So You Majored in Psychology

A degree in psychology is great in that there are many potential career paths open to you. About 40 percent of psychology majors will go on to more school, which will open up the more famous career paths (pretty sure the leather couch and elbow patches come free with your PhD). However, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology you have already gained valuable writing, researching, and interpersonal skills. You have studied how the mind works and how people work with each other. Here are six jobs that would love to have you- horn-rimmed spectacles and ink blot tests optional.

Customer Service Representative
You’re good at understanding emotions and why people do what they do. Put these interpersonal skills to good use in navigating the sometimes choppy waters of customer service. This position sometimes gets a bad rap but try looking for positions with companies you really admire. Also check out positions in Human Resources.
Apply at: Any national company you admire, hotels, or even nonprofit organizations

Medical/Technical Writer
You’re probably a good writer, and you’ve probably taken enough science classes to be a huge asset in deciphering medical terminology. There is a big demand for technical writers right now, so take advantage. You also know APA citation style- bonus!
Apply at: Pharmaceutical companies, educational publishing houses

Psychiatric Technician
This is a job where you can still get some great experience in a clinical setting, but you won’t need an advanced degree. In fact, many of these positions only require an associate’s degree, so this might be a great option if you’re having a hard time finding a job. Being a little over-qualified these days doesn’t hurt anyone. See also: Rehabilitation Specialist.
Apply at: Clinics/shelters, psychiatric care centers, geriatric care facilities

Therapy Director
Your bachelor’s degree will qualify you for management positions at health care and counseling facilities, and you will use those stellar interpersonal skills to make sure everyone and everything in this professional environment runs smoothly.
Apply at: Clinics/shelters

Career Counselor
Some of these positions will require advanced degrees, but many will not. This job is especially good for you if you took courses in career development or vocational counseling. Major employers of career counselors are—as you might imagine—colleges and universities.
Apply at: Colleges and universities, with special focus on community colleges

Research Assistant

I have a friend who just got a job in a psychology lab at our alma mater. This is a great option if you’re trying to figure out whether or not you want to pursue a higher degree in psychology. You get advanced knowledge of your field and make great connections, all while getting paid!
Apply at: Colleges/universities, private science/technology firms

And, for inspiration, here are a few jobs you might never have considered. They will likely require an advanced degree, but at Spark Hire we like to inspire you to shoot for the moon.

Genetic Counselor

You will provide counseling for families concerned about passing certain genetic traits to their children.

Forensic Psychologist

Think CSI. You’ll use your skills to help settle child custody disputes and other legal cases.

Sports Psychologist

You’ll help athletes overcome psychological barriers to great performance, including injury recovery and motivation. When you discover the key to motivation, give me a call.

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