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How to Impress Your Boss

The constant battle to the top of the corporate ladder can be a massive cluster of grueling competitiveness. How you are perceived by others, more specifically your higher ups, could have you headed for the dog house or the penthouse. Impressing your boss, showing your worth and demonstrating your value are all key components to thriving in a ruthlessly competitive job market. But what are some effective ways to make a good impression, without seeming like, well, you know, a kiss up who will do or say anything just to show the boss how they’re such an outstanding employee? Here are some tactful, non-egotistical and not-looking-like-a-suck-up ways to impress your boss.

There is nothing more refreshing than someone being themselves. No masks, no alter egos- only efficient work that epitomizes your importance to the company. As an outsider looking in, there have been countless times when I witness an employee desperately trying to gain acceptance form a manager. The painful act is similar to my dog following me around when I have a bone in my hand. There are plenty of ways to impress your boss other than picking up your their dry cleaning or getting their low-fat soy latte in the morning. The most effective ways to impress your boss are within your actual work performance and not your fraternization skills.

The little things go a long way. That’s why these simple things should not go overlooked when trying to impress. Preparation and anticipation are two key things bosses look for in an employee. Always being prepared, whether it’s having a pen and paper in a meeting, (however, this day and age having your iPad in a meeting) to having your PowerPoint presentation up and ready before everyone files in the boardroom. Preparation for even the smallest things shows that you’re equipped for any scenario. There is nothing more impressive to a boss than anticipation. Impress the boss by doing something before they even have a chance to get it out of their mouth. Taking the right initiative ultimately saves management time, and time is money. Try to strive for, whenever your boss asks you to get something done, your first words should be, “already took care of it.”

Aside from efficient work, fitting into the company culture speaks volumes to your employer. Bull rushing your coworkers or being overly dominant and an overachiever can rub people the wrong way. Earning your employers and coworkers respect and trust is the fastest route to advancing, so make sure your ambition is somewhat in check.

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Chris Officer

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