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Great Retirement Jobs

It’s fact that more and more Americans are coming out of retirement in order to support themselves and pay their bills. On top of that, many are staying in the workforce longer these days because of the market. The economy and the market is rough, so in order to sustain the way of life they have had, many retirees are getting back to work. Returning to work doesn’t have to mean full-time employment though. You may need to find a way to earn more money for now, but you don’t have to make it a full-time job.

The Huffington Post recently published an article discussing this issue as well. In fact, they stated that just searching “retirement jobs” brings up 208 million pages on Google. It’s certainly a hot topic, maybe one that many aren’t too thrilled about, but returning to work doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are already retired, then you should consider taking up a part-time position to supplement your retirement funds. One that doesn’t take up much of your time or your energy. The Post created a list of the top retirement jobs for today and Spark News though it was a great idea to share some of those retirement jobs with you.

You’re probably thinking, “Are you crazy?” Probably the last thing a retiree is thinking about is working in a bar. It’s loud, annoying and the hours are late. Stop a second though a think. Not all bars are loud and noisy and if you can work in a pub that has an older clientele, then the pay off can be great. Plus, you are making tips on top of what you earn hourly. If you aren’t certified, it only takes a 40-hour certification class to get there.

Government Positions
Government jobs aren’t fairing too well these days, but they are still out there. On top of that, it seems as though age discrimination is less prevalent in government agencies. Some even actively work to hire older employees.

Flight Attendant
It may take some time for you to get certified so you are qualified to hold this position, but being a flight attendant is a great position for a retiree. They make about $40 an hour and are able to travel the globe. Of course, this may be a bit tiring for someone that is a bit older, but for someone that is just retired or has been looking to retire at an earlier age, this may be a great option for you.

Tour Guide
Being a tour guide is a pretty easy job, but it doesn’t pay too much. If you are just looking to keep your mind occupied so you aren’t sitting in your house all day, then this is a great job for you. You can work in a museum, on a tour bus, or on a city tour. You can talk about the city you have lived in most of your life and get paid to do it. Plus, if you are a tour guide on a bus tour or a boat, then you don’t have to walk around too much. It’s definitely a job to consider.

Back to School
If you are really ambitious, you can always go back to school. It’s never too late to earn higher education and you can really expand your options if you do. Of course, you have to be very interested and motivated to do it, but it’s doable. Plus, most universities now have colleges that are specifically designed and structured for older students that are coming back to learn more. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you should check the local university or college and see what you can do.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post
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