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What’s Life After School Like For Young Adults? #infographic

recent graduateIf you’re in your twenties, be it early, mid or late, and are of the majority much of your life thus far has been consumed by school. You started kindergarten at least by the age of five and most of us went to preschool before that. After kindergarten we move onto grade school, then high school. Without the addition of college that’s already 18 of your years spent learning, studying and packing on the information. If you go to college then add another four to six years to the pile. So what does life look like after college and after all of this school?

We know it’s not easy to find a job right now, especially if you are a young adult and recent graduate. However, statistics show that most graduates do find a job. In fact, 59.6 percent of the graduates from 2008 had found a full-time job. By the same token, 13.6 percent of them had found a part-time position and and 13.6 percent had multiple jobs. How much were these recent graduates making back then? The statistics from this inforgraphic from show that 25 percent of them were making less than $27,457 a year as of 2009. The median salary for this age group in the same time was $36,000. When you graduate college though, you have a number of different options available to you besides the traditional office job.

You can freelance, you can work or join the military or you can join the peace corps. The peace corps and the military all both pretty large decisions to make and require a pretty large commitment on your part, but the pay off may be worth it. Take a look at this infographic below to see what life after college really looks like for young adults.

recent graduate


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