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Outsourcing Blame Game Current Highlight of Obama’s Campaign

It’s no secret that the presidential election is fast approaching. It’s taking up a ton of airspace and is definitely the reason why a lot of policies, tax credits and other important legislation is being held up. It’s not fair that the important things we need as a nation are being put on hold just because presidential candidates want to get their points across and gain as many votes as they can, but that’s the reality of the situation. The latest bullet thrown at Romney from Obama deals heavily with outsourcing- or offshoring. Either way, the effects of the act are the same, Obama claims.

Clearly, outsourcing is a very hot topic as of late seeing as though our job market is in the gutter. If we can’t supply jobs for the people of our own country, then why are we supplying jobs for others overseas? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s a reality. However, recent reports have stated that “reshoring” is becoming more prevalent and as prices overseas begin to rise, manufacturing companies are slowly coming back home.

In light of “reshoring” and bringing these jobs back home, Obama took a dive at Romney and brought to light the fact that he helped in the outsourcing or offshoring of hundreds of jobs. In fact, his old firm owned companies that were pioneers in outsourcing jobs to other countries. On the other hand, Obama stated that he would fight for American jobs here and that’s what our country needs. Spark News is no way takes political sides; what we care about is the job market. With reshoring becoming more popular and outsourcing frowned upon more and more, it’s interesting to see Obama take this angle.

What do you think of outsourcing and reshoring? Do you think the jobs will really come back to America? Tell me about it in the comments or tweet me @nicole_spark.

SOURCE: Washington Post

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