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Geographical Series: Jobs In North Dakota

If you’ve been following Spark News for some time, then you know that the job market situation is different across the country. Certain states are doing great considering the circumstances and other states, well, aren’t doing quite so well at all. The employment growth rates between the states are completely jumbled.

If you take a look at the employment growth rate breakdown across the states, it’s clear that if you’ve been living on the north east tip of the country that you probably haven’t been doing quite so well. New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine have definitely been hurting in the jobs growth department. On the other hand, North Dakota has been cranking out the jobs like nobody’s business. For the past five years it has been the state with the greatest jobs growth at 16.83 percent. It’s certainly not luck though that has kept that state at the top.

The oil boom in the state is certainly the main factor in the extreme jobs growth the state has seen lately. Oil jobs are sprouting up like wildfire and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Even though families may be flocking to North Dakota to take advantage of that particular growth, there are other hot jobs in the state too. I took a look at the most popular jobs, and the most abundant jobs, in the state to see where the jobs are in North Dakota. A member of your family might be hauling you guys so they can work the oil industry, but there are other options for you. Take a look:

If Bismark and the surrounding areas is where you currently live or are looking to move, then it looks like the most popular jobs are those of gaming and sports book writers. This field is 39.8 times more prevalent in this area compared to the national average. Plus, there are locally about 130 jobs in this field. Unfortunately, these jobs only make about $15,760 on average a year. It’s not a ton of money, but if you are looking to get into the field, then perhaps this is where you should start. For this area, the most abundant and available jobs are those of social and human service assistants. In the Bismark area there are about 500 local jobs pertaining to this field.

If you’re looking to move closer to the Fargo areas, then cartographers and photogrammetrists seem to be the most popular professions. These jobs have a popularity rating 56.4 times more than the national average. There’s also about 380 local jobs for this profession. In this case, the most popular job happens to be the most abundant- the perfect situation for those that are moving to this area specifically for that industry. Agricultural and food science technicians also do pretty well in this area with about 280 local jobs and a popularity about 40.3 times more than the national average.

Moving a bit north from Fargo, Grand Forks is all about farm equipment mechanics with a popularity of about 26.8 times more than the national average. Those working in this profession average out about $29,840 a year and there are 100 local jobs in this area. The most abundant job for Grand Forks is for fire fighters. Locally, there’s about 320 jobs for fire fighters.

That wraps up our first installment of our geographical jobs piece. Is there a state you would like to see featured? Let us know in the comments of tweet me @nicole_spark. We always love to hear your opinions.

SOURCE: City Town Info
IMAGE: Courtesy of Info Please

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