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Tips On Your Job Hunt

It shouldn’t take long for you to realize how embedded in the job market Spark News and Spark Hire is. After all, as one of the newest and most advanced job search platforms, it’s our job, right? It’s also our job to help you in your job search whenever and as much as we can. It’s also pretty obvious how much we love infographics. And why not? They are a great way to get important information and facts out to the public in a fun and interesting way. So when we come across a good infographic that addresses the job market or the issues within it, we love to share it. Take a look at this infographic that gives great tips on how to maximize your job search.

For starters, the infographic has a point with their number one tip. While I don’t think text resumes are over with, they are a bit old. It’s time to start using something, something better. With Spark Hire’s profile video you can send a video resume to employers in addition to your paper resume and really wow them. It’s also very important to keep your job search private. If you are currently employed, you don’t want anyone at your current job to know you are on the hunt. If they do find out, they could really hurt your current position and you could easily find yourself unemployed and on the hunt.

Take a look at these tips and start employing them in your job search.

tips for your job search


Nicole Nicholson

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