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Where StartUp Jobs Are Thriving

Not too long ago Spark News took a look at what states in our country were doing the best in terms of job creation. That was helpful information if you were looking to relocate in order to find a secure job in a thriving job market. It’s unfortunate that some states are faring better than others, but of course that’s just how the cookie tends to crumble. In the same sense, when it comes to startup jobs there are a few states that are doing much better than others.

When it comes to infographics, Spark News goes straight to That’s where we got this great infographic that lays out where the startup jobs are in our country. In the lead is California. This must have been expected by most since Silicon Valley is where hundreds of startups plant their roots. It has been a business breeding ground for quite some time now and it seems as though it’s still in the lead. In fact, it’s in the lead by a landslide with 33.31 percent of startup job applicants applying there. The District of Columbia is trailing behind California by a lot with 7.98 percent of the applicants. Then comes Minnesota and Massachussets.

It’s also no surprise that most of these startup jobs are in the software industry. Specifically, 36.3 percent of startup job posts are in the software industry. Close behind are IT services with 20.9 percent. Take a look at the graphic below and see how the startup jobs are dispersed for yourself.


Nicole Nicholson

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