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The Best Jobs for College Students

College is intended to prepare students for the workforce. However, a well prepared college graduate will experience much difficulty in getting a job if they have no past work experience.  So, how does a college student manage to complete all of their school work and gain useful work experience?  In this article I have provided the best jobs for college students.  The following jobs will beef up your resume, comply with your busy schedule, and provide you with funds to cover your expenses.

Restaurant Server
This job tends to have flexible hours that can be negotiated with the employer.  Also, most servers make an hourly wage and amass a large collection of tips.  Most job seekers feel that this type of job doesn’t look great on a resume; however a restaurant server regularly practices customer service and team-building skills.  Moreover, you may even get some free meals from this job.

As a tutor, you can either apply to work for a tutoring service company or you can work independently.  The benefit of working for a company is that you are typically provided with all of the necessary resources.  On the other hand, the greatest advantage of working independently is that you have the ability to create your own work schedule.  According to, tutors’ hourly wages range from $9 to $39.

Personal Fitness Trainer
In order to acquire this position you’re going to need to go through a simple certification process.  Once you are certified as a personal trainer, you’ll be able to work at either your University’s gym or a commercially owned gym.  I believe that the greatest benefit of this position is that you can network with clients and engage in professionally beneficial relationships.  In addition, what’s better than fighting the freshman 15 while earning $9 to $22 per hour?

Social Media Consultant
Currently, many small businesses have been hiring younger, out-of-house workers to manage their social media accounts.  This type of job can provide students with IT and marketing skills that they never would have received in a classroom.  The greatest benefit of this job is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Brand Ambassador
Many larger companies desire to dominate your campus and need your help in order to do that.  This type of job can really groom your communication skills and a large company name always looks great on a resume.  A lot of word of mouth advertising and promotional presentations are involved with this job.  You’ll also typically end up accumulating a lot of free merchandise when working as a brand ambassador.

Starbucks Barista
This position typically has fairly flexible hours.  Also, Starbucks tends to provide its employees with certain benefits such as medical, dental, and vision coverage.  The hourly wage of a Starbucks barista ranges from $6 to $13 and regular customers have a tendency to tip.  If you manage to land this job, make sure you stock up on caffeine for finals.

I’m hoping that you found this article helpful and that you land the perfect college job.

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IMAGE: Courtesy of 3Story

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