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College Degrees, But Where Are the College Jobs?

Young adults are struggling in the job market, but signs show that they may be able to start getting their heads above water now. This infographic from and the New York Times, however, shows how recent college graduates have college degrees, but have yet to find jobs that make use of that very expensive degree.

According to the statistics drawn up from the New York Times, a good percentage college graduates under the age of 25 find themselves in positions that do not require a college degree. Specifically, out of all 2009 college graduates, 22 percent of them are working in jobs that do not require a degree. On top of that, 22.4 percent of them are not working at all.

However, it is great to see that most of the college students are working in positions that require a degree. 55.6 percent of those 2009 graduates are in these positions, but they are not making a lot of money. Of those working in positions that require a degree, their average annual salary is $26,756. It is not surprising, though to see that those graduating with computer science and math degrees are making more use of their degree and earning more. Only 10.3 percent of these graduates are working in jobs that don’t need a degree. The ones that are working in jobs that speak to their degree are earning an average annual salary of $34,100. Humanities majors are the ones that are seeming to have the most difficulty.

Take a look at the graphic here for yourself. Are you a recent college graduate facing this? Are you making use of your degree or find that it’s difficult to find a position relevant to your major?


Nicole Nicholson

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