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In Some Jobs Women Earn More Than Men

Quite some time ago, Spark News discussed how women in the workplace are still trying to catch up to men. In most industries, men earn more than women and they seem to have more opportunities as well. In fact, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) found that if the wage gap between genders continues to close as slowly as it has been over the past years, women won’t start earning the same wages as men until 2056. While more and more women are acquiring their degrees and also acquiring their graduate degree, the wage gap isn’t improving enough. However, there are a couple fields and positions where women are actually earning more than men.

Although it shouldn’t be cause for celebration, seeing as though women should earn as much as men right of the bat, it’s certainly great to see that in some fields women have the upper hand. It’s also important to note that the women earning more in these positions aren’t earning that much more than the men. In some, they’re even just earning the same wages. However, this is still good news and it’s better than earning less than men, right? Take a look at these jobs where women earn more, or equal, wages than men.

Systems Engineer
When you think of an engineer, doubtless you picture a man. However, that is a misconception and there are tons of women engineers. The average salary in this field for a women is $72,300 a year, while for men it’s $71,500. Like I said earlier, the difference isn’t that great, but it’s still worth it to note. System engineers have undergraduate degrees in math and science. IWPR points out that since IT is a relatively new field, there seems to be less discrimination from the get go.

Electrical Engineer
Again, a woman engineer earns as much as a man in this industry. While the wages are pretty much equal at $66,000 on average a year, it’s great to see that they are in fact equal. Electrical engineers work on power generators, but they also design electronics and make them better. On top of that, electrical engineers usually work in unions, so their wages tend to be higher.

Mechanical Engineer
Women working in this position earn an average salary of about $61,100 a year while men earn $60,400. This is a bit surprising, if only to men, because when I picture a mechanical engineer I definitely picture a man. However, the Engineering Workforce Commission produced data that shows there are roughly 2 percent more women graduating in mechanical engineering than five years ago. In light of those statistics, it’s great to see that women are already earning as much, and even more than, men.

These are camera operators that can work a number of different outlets. They can work for movies, news outlets, in the music industry and many others. In fact, this industry wants to see more women. That is why there are scholarships available exclusively for high school girls looking to get into the field. On average, women earn an average salary of $39,300 a year and men $38,800.

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IMAGE: Courtesy of LJ World

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