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Spark News has given its readers a ton of advice on how to enhance your job search and snag that dream job you want. On top of that, Spark Hire is all about making your job search easier and giving you that competitive edge that is necessary to put yourself above the rest. From both ends we want to provide you with all of the tools necessary to find the job you have been looking for, both tangible and intangible skills. However, if you currently have a job but are searching for a new one, it can be difficult to remember where your first priority should be. You need to remember that you are already employed and that a company already relies on your to get your work done and get it done right. If you slip up and forget this, you may find yourself unemployed and still searching for a job. Remember your priorities and take a look at these tips for keeping your job.

When searching for a new job, it can be really difficult to keep your focus on the one you already have. First of all, there is a reason you are trying to leave this company. Perhaps the work ceases to make you happy or maybe you just want to do something else. The reasons could be financial or maybe they are social, like having to deal with a bad boss or annoying coworkers. Either way, you want out, but you can’t jump ship quite yet. If you lose sight of this, you can lose your job.

Don’t Forget Your Work
You may have mentally checked out, but on paper you are still employed by this company. They are still paying you for your work, so you had better make sure you are getting it done. It can be very easy to slack off at your current job since you are focusing so hard on finding a way out. A decrease in productivity will likely be noticed and they may cut you loose before your ready, so stay on top of things and continue to get your work done.

Keep Your Mouth Zipped
If you are frustrated with your company, it’s so important to keep these opinions to yourself. Of course, you talk to your coworkers and they likely share some of your frustrations, but if you are constantly complaining it doesn’t do so well for you. People love to share their thoughts, but no one likes a complainer or a negative ninny. On top of that, if you are constantly complaining it’s quite possible that it could get back to your superiors. If it becomes known that you are unhappy with your job or your work, then they make help you out by making sure you don’t have to deal with it anymore i.e. you won’t have to work there anymore because they fired you. This is certainly not what you want, so be sure to keep your thoughts of negativity to yourself.

Deal With It, For Now
So this job is not what you really want, you know this. However, it is still a job and, more importantly, it’s your meal ticket. As much as you would love to just leave, it’s not very economical. You can lie to yourself and say, “Hey, if I didn’t have a job I could spend so much more time looking for a new one.” That all sounds great, but when you hear stories of the unemployed still trying to find a job months after they lost their job, you’ll think twice. Be thankful you have a job right now and hang onto it until you get a new one. That means sucking it up and sometimes swallowing your pride and frustrations. Stay positive and keep your head up. You will find that job you want eventually and it is much better to have some money in the meantime, right?

Don’t Slack Off

This may go with the first tip, but this is more specific to the basic work rules. You shouldn’t be coming to work late, you shouldn’t be leaving early just because and you shouldn’t start dressing less professionally. If you start doing any of these things, your superiors and coworkers may wonder what’s up. You don’t want to draw any negative attention to yourself, so remain punctual and don’t start getting sloppy.

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Nicole Nicholson

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