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Job Offers You Want to Refuse

You may feel compelled to take any job in this current employment climate, but did you know that it’s perfectly acceptable not to? The hiring process is long and, through the phone calls and interviews, you might realize that this isn’t the job that you’re looking for. It’s reasonable to reject a job offer and evaluating the pay, benefits, environment and your own personal goals are important factors to figuring out if the job is right for you.

Condition of the Company
Are you being offered a job at a company with a high turnover rate? This could be a red flag that may indicate that many people leave the company and for good reason. Do some research on the employer to see if they do indeed have a high turnover rate and also look to see if their stock price isn’t dropping and there isn’t talk of a merger. Both of those things also indicate that your permanency at the job may be at risk.

Pay and Benefits
Is this job offering you more than you made at your last? If it is, then you’re probably pretty ecstatic and already thinking of the new stuff you’ll buy. But before you add new electronics to your shopping cart, think about what you’re expected to do at this new job for that amount of money. If you’re being paid more, chances are you’re being given more tasks and responsibilities- are you up to the challenge? Then there’s benefits. Are you being given a generous amount of paid days off and vacation days? The job won’t seem worth the hefty paycheck if you don’t have the time to enjoy it. Is your new job looking to give you a busy schedule? Is the schedule flexible? These are all questions to consider before taking the job. The job’s benefits may outweigh the costs or vice versa.

Meet the Your Manager and Coworkers

If you interview with your potential new manager, make sure you like them. If you get the feeling that there’s going to be some tension between you and your manager then you may want to reconsider the job offer. There’s nothing worse than working for a horrible boss. Trust your gut when you meet them. Also, if it’s possible, get to know the team of people you’re going to be working with. Take a tour around the office and get a sense of the environment. If you can picture yourself working there everyday and enjoying yourself with the company of people there, then you should take the job. For some people, no money in the world would be enough to withstand a stiff work environment with noisy and difficul coworkers and bosses. This is a place you’re going to be at more than your own home at times, so it’s important to know that you’ll be comfortable there.

Trust Your Gut
When it comes down to it and you can’t seem to decide, listen to your gut. If you can’t see yourself there, feel like the benefits are lacking and can’t shake off the bad feeling about your boss, then trust that little voice in the back of your head because it may know more than you recognize. Consider if this job is part of the big picture when it comes to your career path- is it the right job for your career? If you aren’t sure, then it’s alright to reject it and move on to the next potential employer.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times
IMAGE: Courtesy of Intellectual Disability

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