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The Jobs are in STEM Fields

After extensive research. studies and reports, it is well known that our country and job market need to create and fill jobs that are in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields (STEM). Spark News reported on it months ago and it’s still a hot topic today. That’s because that is where the jobs are. If you are looking to get into a field that has job security for a longer period of time, then the STEM jobs are where it’s at.

In a new report titled, “STEM Help Wanted”, Change the Equation outlines the great difference in job numbers between STEM fields and other fields. For instance, the ratio of unemployed to open positions for office and administrative support positions was 4 to 1. In other words, there are four unemployed people for every one job post. When you look at management positions, the ratio is less but is still 2.2 to 1. However, when you look at jobs that require STEM education and skills, the ratio is completely flipped. For every one person, there are a little over three jobs available. Specifically, the ratio is 3.2 to 1.

More important is that these findings are not confined to one or a couple of states in the country. When looking at the country’s availability of these jobs, the outcome was the same across the states. Not only does this prove that there is job creation and job availability in this field, but these findings further prove the great need our country has for people interested and skilled in the STEM fields. It also reiterates the need for our country to place more an emphasis on young adults and their interest in STEM. With help from schools as well as employers, more and more people in our country can become skilled in the STEM fields. This, in turn, would help the advancements and technological improvements sprouting from our country.

It was this report that motivated Change the Equation to start taking action. Change the Equation has started working with CEOs of our country to place STEM fields on the learning agenda and to further motivate students and young adults to participate in them. In fact, over 200 people from 41 states in the country met yesterday and are meeting today to look over the report “STEM Help Wanted” and to discuss ways that states can take action to get more people and students involved in STEM fields.

It’s no secret that this is a booming industry to get into, and young students and adults that want to be sure they will find a secure job in the future would do best to enter into these fields. Aside from the job security, having a strong STEM foundation from the start can put students and young adults above the competition right from the get go. It’s imperative that interests in these fields rise. In fact, Xerox Chairman and CEO Ursula Burns was quoted saying, “When it comes to pushing for better results in STEM learning, impatience is a virtue.” The future is now and our future demands STEM.

SOURCE: Huffington Post
IMAGE: Courtesy of A Lean Journey

Nicole Nicholson

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