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Future College Program: Mobile App Development

People always say “you need to keep up with the times.” Well, it’s time education got that same message. The education system as a collective has to wake up and join the 21st century and reflect on what is occurring in the working world. With new technology comes the chance to bring about new skill sets for students so they are ready to enter these new and emerging career fields. Social media, online marketing, mobile app development- there are quite a few areas that myself and others believe should be explored and studied. Besides, I think it would be pretty cool to say “yeah, I really am a Social Media expert.”

While not a top 11 list, there are a handful of new fields I feel would benefit from trained and educated individuals. Over the next few articles I’ll be talking about my personal picks. Send the feedback in the usual place!

Today’s topic: Mobile app development.

In the post PC world, applications that can create and edit documents or presentations, surf the web, and find your next cub of coffee are quickly becoming the global phenomenon that will define our generation. OK maybe not, but the phrase “there’s an app for that” has to add something to the cultural impact of app development. Right now, terrible or mediocre app developers dwarf the number of excellent app developers. Of course, some do it better than others, but you have to hand it to the ones that attempt. Going back to the ramifications of the post PC world, the importance of not just developing applications but developing good and useful applications is becoming more and more essential. To do this right, we need to start training people in the proper ways to develop and market useful applications. Businesses are starting to develop based around mobile app strategies and development, and they are going to be looking for brand new talent to make their business prosper.

Sure, you can make the argument that this is the type of thing you can learn in a computer-programing course. The problem is that with the evolution of mobile apps and the increased sophistication of their use and design, proper developers need more than one dedicated class session. It doesn’t even have to be a major program. An individual class in a computer sciences degree or similar study would be helpful as well. I am only suggesting that schools begin to recognize the growing importance of mobile apps and their development so users can get the best experience out of their technology.

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