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Jobs With the Best and Worst Salary

It’s no secret that the construction industry didn’t fare so well from the Great Recession. It’s also no secret that the healthcare industry fared quite the opposite. It’s different, though, when you see the visual fall and rise of both industries, respectively, in an infographic. Thanks to this graphic from PayScale, we can see what jobs have great growth and which jobs do not.

As you can see from the graphic below, the construction industry plummeted in September of 2009 and continued to take the dive until the third quarter of last year where it started to pick up again. The healthcare industry also took a small dive around September of 2009, but it was nowhere near the size of the construction industry. Plus, they have seen a rise in jobs growth since the first quarter of 2010. Unfortunately, the food service industry saw a drop way back in the second quarter of 2008 and hasn’t quite recovered since. When looking at this graphic it’s clear to see that if you are looking for a job in an industry with great growth, you would do best to penetrate the engineering, healthcare and social services industries.

Each of those industries has seen an increase in pay by at least 7 percent. Even though we, as a country, pretty much already know this as fact, it’s staggering to see the results in such a clear breakdown of data in a graphic. Take a look for yourself.


Nicole Nicholson

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