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Young Adults Remain Optimistic

If you have been keeping up with Spark News, then you are fully aware of the difficulties young adults face today in the job market. In fact, young adults aged 18-24 are the ones that were hit the hardest by the recession. They graduated college, or are about to graduate college, and expect to find jobs. However, the reality of the situation is there are not many jobs available to them, and the jobs that are available pay very little.

Even though the odds are stacked against them, this infographic from Urban Times and Pew Research Center shows that these young adults are still very optimistic of their jobs outlook and their future. In fact, even though 54 percent of young adults are currently unemployed, 43 percent of them are optimistic that they will be able to find another job. This is a large increase from the mere 25 percent of young adults that said the same thing in 2009.

When Pew asked the general public if it was more difficult for young adults to find a job compared to their parents, 8 out of 10 said yes. On top of that, 7 out of 10 people say that it is more difficult for young adults to save for the future, pay for college or buy a home. That may be why only 67 percent of young adults in 2011 aged 22 were financially independent compared to the 80 percent of 22-year-olds that were in 1993. Even still though, 88 percent of these young adults believe that they do or will make a sufficient income to meet their lifestyle. Take a look at the graphic for yourself and see how, even though there are many forces working against young adults today, they are still very optimistic about their situation and their situation in the future.


Nicole Nicholson

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